Cambodian coffee recipe (Khmer)

Khmer coffee (Cambodian Coffee) recipe. So easy to make at home. looks so cool!

Amongst the coffee drinks that Tessa made for us on “Coffee Day” otherwise known as Awesome Day was this Cambodian Coffee. It was probably my favorite. No, that’s not true…the German coffee recipe one was. This was my next favorite. To be fair, the German one had ice cream. It’s hard to beat coffee and ice cream together.

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Anyways, my wee small sister made us coffee drinks all day on Awesome Day. It was…Awesome. And, this one was a favorite.

cambodian coffee.jpg

 (sitting in the sun spot drinking coffee is the BEST way to start a morning…Bar None!)

We love how easy this coffee recipe is to make.  We love how beautiful it is to serve. And we love how tasty it is. That hits all three of the important marks for coffee. For that reason, this coffee drink has a permanent place in our coffee recipe box. And by recipe box, we actually mean attached to our refrigerators, where all important things go.  And, we hope, a new home in yours.


  • 8 oz brewed coffee (we are fans of our [easyazon_link identifier=”B00JE36GLQ” locale=”US”]french press[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link identifier=”B000I1WP7W” locale=”US”]Chemex[/easyazon_link]! In fact, we don’t own an auto coffee maker!)
  • 4 0z. sweetened condensed milk

To make Cambodian Coffee:

  1. Open can of sweetened condensed milk and place the open can in a pot with water (it should come about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the can).  Bring water to a boil.
  2. Pour coffee into a mug, and then pour the sweetened condensed milk on top. Be sure to admire the layers at this stage!
  3. Stir before you drink. Enjoy!

We like to think of ourselves as Coffee Snobs. And this site is chock full of great coffee recipes in the warm drink section.



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14 thoughts on “Cambodian coffee recipe (Khmer)”

    1. That is a fantastic question! Not much. Vietnamese coffee actually has alot of chicory in the blend and is quite strong. This is a simple brew. Also, adding the condensed milk first and creating layers is part of a Cambodian coffee. But truly, they are very similar. In fact, I want to go ask an expert myself :)

      1. Hi Nellie,
        as a Vietnamese from central highland – our country coffee capital – living in Vietnam since birth and worked in several coffee companies, I found it is untrue that Vietnam coffee has chicory in the blend. Strong, yes, chicory, no.
        It is strong because of the french roast level, Robusta beans, and coffee/water ratio when brewing. Sometimes, roasters add roasted soybean in a coffee blend, especially for making “Cà phê sữa đá.” ;)

        1. Thank you so much! That is so very helpful. We have been finding it very difficult to get a true answer for what the differences really are. Thanks for helping!

  1. Great site! I love your recipes :) I think Khmer is just the name of a language spoken in Cambodia though? Not coffee?

      1. Khmer is the name of both the language and the people :)
        Also, as good as this looks, it’s just not the same as the coffee you can get in Cambodia! The recipe is the same, but the coffee they use to make this is made/infused with butter, giving it a very rich and even creamier flavor :)

  2. Theresa @DearCreatives

    I love coffee. My grandma used to drink it with sweetened condensed milk. I will have to try to make this sometime. Pinned for later

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