Anthro-inspired napkins.

Block napkins aren't usually one of those things I covet.  Beautiful dishes, yes.  Free time, absolutely!  Napkins...not so much.  But I saw a set of block napkins recently and really wanted them.  But didn't want to pay for them.  So I set about making my own version, with the hope that they would be just as good as the originals.  I lucked out; mine are EVEN BETTER!  Woot!

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anthro-inspired block napkins. an easy tutorial!

Block napkins:  My version is above.  I happen to think they look pretty darn awesome.

Anthro's version.  Still block napkins.  Still awesome.  Definitely more expensive.


  • white napkins
  • craft paint (I use all-purpose from Martha Stewart, love that stuff!)
  • black fabric marker
  • painters tape
  • a paint brush (a cheap foam brush works well!)
anthro-inspired block napkins. an easy tutorial!

To Do:

  1. Tape off your triangles. Don’t worry about being perfect.
  2. Paint the triangles. Paint them all one color if you like, or multiple colors.
  3. Use your black fabric pen to add your little bows and swag in between the triangles.
  4. Let dry.
anthro-inspired block napkins. an easy tutorial!

Once again, don't worry about this looking perfect.  You are the only person who will ever notice that your set of block napkins isn't exactly perfect.

anthro-inspired block napkins. an easy tutorial!

Wait for the whole shabang to dry and you have napkins BETTER then the original!  It really is that easy!  Not everything that is great needs to be hard.

Note: if you used proper paint these ARE washable.  If they weren't, we wouldn't have put them on our site.  Because cloth napkins that aren't washable are just ridiculous.  I mean; who does that?  Stupid people.  That's who.  We aren't stupid.  You aren't stupid.  So these are washable.  Just make sure you don't use washable paint...because washable paint doesn't stay on.

anthro-inspired block napkins. an easy tutorial!

Fabulous block napkins on your fabulous table!! Probably set with a set of fabulous placemats, served with fabulous cheesecake, and fabulous latte's. Yes.

5 thoughts on “Anthro-inspired napkins.”

  1. Jane's Adventures in Dinner

    Ok, you know how 'craft challenged' I am and I am totally going to give this a go! Thanks adorable girl.

  2. miznelliebellie

    they are fabulous for slightly off-beat, soft and romantic, type clothing and household stuff. and they have cute napkins :)

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