How to make yarn and leather bracelets

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Sometimes a girl just wants something pretty. For no reason. But, I can make up a reason…if it makes you feel better. These leather and yarn bracelets are your “Almost Spring” accessory. Everyone needs one of those, right (wink). These are so easy and inexpensive to make so having an excuse to make them is just a bonus!

I would like to say that these are difficult. And give you a fancy tutorial with loads of instructions, pictures, and what what. But…I would be struck by lightening on the spot. And that sounds downright painful and messy.

Truth is, I used these…


(these are from Hobby Lobby but can be found HERE and most craft stores)

And wove, or wrapped, or knotted pretty yarn onto them. Some of the bracelets even got an extra embellishment tied on for good measure. The end.

Good. I’m still here. I don’t even smell smoke. Hmmm….I feel like I should lengthen this post to make it seem more important. Did I tell you about my dream the other night?? Just kidding, just kidding.


And…and..!!! Did I mention this little (okay, GIANT!) contest I’m a lucky contestant in?? Well, voting starts today for Creating With the Stars!!
Sadly, I can’t tell you which project is mine. That ruins the anonymous part of the anonymous voting.
But…I can tell you that I was lucky enough to work with Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl. And when I say lucky I mean…lucky!!! That girl is sweet, patient, talented, and patient. Did I mention patient??? She is!!! What a star…truly!!!

Anyways…go over and vote. And you won’t believe the talent I’m up against. Seriously, it’s staggering!!

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