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Talk about it: would you still choose your wedding dress?

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A Note from Bellie:  This post is about wedding dresses.  I can’t actually contribute personally.  But the topic of changing fashion taste is really interesting.  Some of you have dresses that were really fashionable and you loved them at the time; now you hate them.  You’ve changed, you’ve grown, you’ve learned, and you’ve been influenced by culture.  And now your tastes are different.  Sounds like the start of a convo. about life experience and accepting change…

Back to Nellie:

I have a special treat for you today!   It’s spring which means all things Weeding  wedding! We’re talking weddings…and dresses…and gaining weight. Well, some of us are. Gaining weight, that is.

Recently I posted a question on Facebook and was amazed at the responses!! I realized us women love to talk about our weddings and dresses! So…I decided to get some of these answers written down properly and include images of the dresses. It’s like a giant real-life Wedding Magazine! With women all sizes, shapes, and everything! Love!

The question was…

Those of you that have been married for a while…
Would you pick the same wedding dress again? A new one?

would you pick your wedding dress again?

And just to be fair I’ll answer it myself…


Yes. I’d pick it again. It was pretty, I looked tiny, and sweet (deceptive…I know). I would like to think it’s a classic style and that Katie might want to wear it. Not that that’s a big deal to me. But still…it’s a nice thought! And a photo or two of me in my dress? Yikes. You all know I must love you to show you this kind of stuff. And yes, I know I look young. It’s a blessed thing of my genetics. Truly. Don’t ask about the thing on my hair.

wedding picture 001


Jen Steed

Nope. I’d buy a halter dress this time–but i love everything else about it. I do still fit into mine, but if I get any skinnier, it won’t. I think I was at my biggest ever when I got married. Hubby wined & dined me good.


Credit: Lipka Photography


Tammy Herbert (Circa 1929)

Hmm what was my favorite thing about my dress?
Wow that is hard as it was my second wedding and I just wanted a suit but as it was hubbys first he wanted the big wedding -strange for a man I know. So I had to find a gown..I bought a very inexpensive gown. I’d say the part I liked best was the train it did make me feel very princess like.

Would I pick it again?
Hell to the NO. haha It had too much lace, puffy sleeves. I’d definitely go more tailored and simple- no lace.

(Tammy is moving and her pics are lost to the giant boxes. Hmmm…nope, I’ve never had that problem [sarcasm, people]. I’ll add it in if she finds it. If she’s at all like me it will be months before those photos are found!)


Nancy – (Artsy Chicks Rule)

Sure! The material it was made out of was my favorite thing actually. The color, the richness of it.
Yes I totally would pick it again!
Want my least favorite thing? lol…my head piece..was huge…but it was 1991.
I almost feel like the picture needs a head piece disclaimer…

Wedding Picture Artsy Chicks Rule


Nicki Haroldson (my bestest friend from ages!)

I would totally pick a different dress. And try to lose the pounds gained from having 3 kids 12 years later. I think I might pick something that has some color and pizazz.


( And yes, that’s me in the pic with her.)


Kristiana Looney

My favorite thing about the dress was the way it twirls, and also that it was a “happy medium” that showed the little girl in me a bit but also showcased the woman I am now so easily and made me feel both fun and elegant in it. I would DEFINITELY pick it again! I am still in love with it!



Cassie – Primitive and Proper

My favorite thing about my wedding dress was the cap sleeves… I knew I wanted little cap sleeves.  I am small chested and the thought of strapless (which was hugely popular when I was getting married) scared the crap out of me!  I knew I was going to dance, and I did not want to lose my dress on the dance floor.  On top of that, I wanted an Edwardian look, which those sleeves convey.  Would I wear it again…. nope!  I would have kept looking until I found exactly what I wanted.  At the time, I really didn’t care much for wedding plans and just wanted to get married. All the rest was just lagniappe.  BUT if I could do it again, it would look more like this…



Beth – Unskinny Boppy

HECK YES I would absolutely pick it again!  I’m forever thankful to my sister for helping me choose the perfect dress for the most special day of my life.

My favorite part of my dress was the neckline and the sleeves.  In an age when most brides wore strapless dresses, I chose to wear a 3/4 length sleeve for my outdoor October wedding.  The dress was actually long sleeved when it came from the store, but I had a seamstress cut the sleeves to 3/4 length.  The seamstress was a bit stressed out about chopping off a few inches of a wedding dress sleeves (especially since they were beaded) but I was 100% certain that was the look I wanted for my dress, and it turned out perfectly.  As a plus size bride it was so flattering to have my arms and cleavage covered in photos.  I was extremely comfortable on my wedding day, which was my top priority.  I even wore my old Nike sneakers under the dress so I didn’t have any discomfort the whole day.  Best decision I’ve ever made!




Melissa – The Happier Homemaker

My absolute favorite thing about my dress was the back…it had a sheer beaded back and I felt it showed a little skin while being very classy.  My husband had been deployed for the 7 months before we got married and I had lost 20 pounds while he was gone.  I wanted a dress that would show my hard work at the gym but still be “traditional.”
Because my the deployment we chose not to have a large wedding, in fact it was just the two of us on a Tuesday afternoon! We were married outside in a park directly on the harbor in Charleston, SC.  I would have preferred a ballgown or “princess” like gown but it wouldn’t have really fit our wedding so I went with something more subdued.  Money was very tight back then and I paid less than $100 for my dress and I didn’t even have it altered (which in retrospect I wish I had!)



Karin Chudy (Art is Beauty)

I would pick something that didn’t have the gigantic PUFFY sleeves..and no..can’t fit into ti..LOL 20 years and 4 kids.


I know…right!?!…how fun is that!! Can you all guess which decades these weddings were by the dresses?? Which do you think is the oldest? And which the most recent? And you know what…I actually don’t know the answer. But you know I’m going to find out!!! Oh yeah baby!

Thanks to all these fabulous ladies for sharing their thoughts and photos!! Your turn…leave your thoughts (and perhaps a photo) in the comments!! I want to know!

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