Before/After: vintage desk

Vintage Desk

This piece doesn’t have a name.

It was for a friend of my daughters.

And I never quite figured out it’s name.

Maybe you can come up with one??

But, here it is when it was brought to me…

before desk

Very cute!

She was planning on using it as a desk in her bedroom.

She wanted vintage and liked a bit of grunge.

So…after it was “Nellified”…

vintage desk from

I used Ce Ce Caldwell paint to add subtle stripes to the front of it and take advantage of the great grooves.

I painted the top a graphite to match the chair.

Some stain wiped on and off and several passes with the sander gave it that grunge look.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have followed my journey with this piece.

I took all your advice to heart. Really…I did.

And ended up just taking off the skirt. And it was better.

Thank you!

A reminder…Yes! I have experience painting furniture.

Yes! I have tools and paints most wouldn’t have.

Yes! I know techniques and crazy cool stuff most wouldn’t know.

Yes! I realize that.

But…I learned. And I am still learning.

You CAN do something incredible with your stuff!

Just try.

It might not look professional (and gosh…mine still doesn’t)

In fact…it might look quite bad.

That’s okay…it’s just paint.

And you will be better the next time.

Don’t be scared from trying!


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