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valentines day cookie sandwiches

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Valentines Day cookie sandwiches. by NellieBellie

Aren’t these Valetines Day cookie sandwiches precious?  And Katie did a splendid job with these photos.  They are great!  And the cookies are just too cute.

Valentine's Day cookie sandwiches. by NellieBellie

True, this isn’t a holiday that really requires special baking.  Not like Christmas.  But it’s fun!

Valentine's Day cookie sandwiches. by NellieBellie

I staged those Valentines Day cookie sandwiches all fancy…didn’t I. Trying to trick you into thinking they are more then they are. But, then I suppose if I TELL you I did that…it ruins it? Well, these cookie sandwiches are simple. Nothing fancy about them. But, no one else needs to know that.

They look fancy.  They taste delicious.  And that’s all that matters.

So here’s the scoop on how to make them:

1. Use pre-made sugar cookie dough and make cookies.  If you want to, you can of course make homemade sugar cookie dough.  But you certainly don’t have to.  Once again, no one else will know.

2. Spread frosting between two…squish it out the sides a bit.  Once again, you can make your own frosting if you want to.  Or you can color the frosting.  But you don’t have to.  You can just grab a can of frosting and call it good.  What’s the motto?  That’s right; no one will know!

3. Then roll in sprinkles.  It works really well to put the sprinkles in a small bowl and roll from there.  Sometimes they fly off a plate if you use a plate.   Valentine’s sprinkles are great, but if you want to use different sprinkles for a different holiday, great!

4.  Stack them all pretty like so people think you’re even more awesome.

Walah! You are now a superhero who can make Valentines Day cookie sandwiches.  Go you!

Are you a sweet tooth fanatic? Me too. Especially cupcakes. I heart cupcakes.  Blackberry cupcakes.  Coke cupcakes.  Ice cream cupcakes. Margarita cupcakes.  The list could go on and on and on.  

How are you going to use these Valentines Day cookie sandwiches?



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