Simple steps to make a pipe leg bench

DIY bench with pipe and board: a NellieBellie DIY tutorial

I was sitting and trying to figure out how to write this post. How do I sound intelligent about this DIY bench when it was a no-brainer, simple, and un-complicated project? No… really. The worst part was getting the supplies. 2 kids, 2 sisters,  me and Nate. Trying to figure stuff out. By far the worst part. And then, we got home and  realized we didn’t have the proper sized screws. We REFUSED to drive the 30 minutes back to get the proper size screws. So, you’ll see that we added blocks of wood where necessary to make the screws that we already had work. The joys of living in the boonies. Ack, it was fine.

The What What:

Pipe flange
Proper screws

diy bench4diy bench5

The How How:

Be sure your flange and pipe are in the same size and the pipe is the height that you want (mine are 3/4in wide and the pipe is 18in high). My flange aren’t seen, so I bought the cheaper black flanges. But, the pipe I bought in the galvanized steel (it came with the cool red caps).

Be sure to get the proper screws to fit your board/wood depth (do what I say, not what I do!).

Choose what kind board/wood you like. I think the look of the particle board goes well with the schoolhouse feel I was going for. Bonus, it’s cheap. But, be sure that what you pick is sturdy. And, if necessary run a board (2 by 4 or similar) across the bottom to strengthen. Or build a frame all around the edges. If you choose a strong board and the length of your bench is under 4 feet or so…you should be good to go without anything extra to reinforce it.

diy bench6

Attach your flange to your board (measure from the sides if you want everything square and lined up) with wood screws (that fit!). I recommend pre-drilling your holes for your screws first.
Twist on your pipe.
The end.

remember…I have extra boards attached because my screws weren’t the right size for the depth of my board. Not something you need if you buy the correct size!

DIY bench with pipe and board: a NellieBellie DIY tutorial

Now you have a cool bench with an industrial feel. You rock!

This simple project was part of my updated mudroom which is seriously awesome (if I don’t say so myself!).
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