Simple steps to make a tooth pillow (no-sew)

diy tooth pillow by NellieBellie. Tutorial for this easy and fun pillow!

Levi has been asking for a tooth pillow for years.
I don’t understand why.
And, I wouldn’t spend money on a tooth pillow.
A tooth pillow??


But, I could certainly make one!!
And you can too.
Yay you!


You need a large piece of white felt.
This is easy to find at a craft store.
This cost me less then $4.00.
A $4.00 tooth pillow.
Somehow, I still feel slightly tricked.
I’m paying for a tooth pillow.



This is the length you will get from the package.
Cut it to the size you want.
I used 18 inches by 18 inches.
But, do what works for you.


This is the pillow I used to stuff it.
It is a small pillow from IKEA.
You could use stuffing, or foam as well.
I didn’t stuff the pointy things.
I didn’t think it needed it.
But, if I had stuffing…I probably would have.


Hot glue three sides.
( I didn’t show this part. Because I fail at blogging sometimes. But, you know how to hotglue. You can do it!)
On the bottom you want to cut a triangle shape out of the bottom.
This gives you your toothy look.



In order to get the indented look at the top of the pillow I used upholstery thread to run thread from the top of the pillow through the inside and attaching to the bottom of the pillow insert.
Then pull it tight…it should pull down and give you an indention.
Tie it tight.


A blue square of felt is hot glued on for a “pocket”.
Every tooth pillow should have a pocket.
For putting in teeth, of course.
Then the Tooth Fairy doesn’t have to look for it.

I’m in agreement with my kid here.
If I was the Tooth Fairy coming to find a tooth where is the first place I would look?
The tooth pillow of course.



Use a large needle and yarn to run stitching around the edges of your pillow.
This looks cool and adds sturdiness to those edges.
I recommend you get a good sharp needle!
I finished off the pocket with Sharpie “stitching”, a felt tooth, and puffy paint lettering.

Obviously, this pillow cover isn’t meant to be washed.
It can be.
Undo the stitching on one side, hand wash, and restitch.
I will be using the Shout wipes to keep this clean (love those things!)

diy tooth pillow by NellieBellie. Tutorial for this easy and fun pillow!

This great pillow is looking fabulous sitting in Levi’s reading nook!!
It was meant to be!

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