Boo…Tie-dye Halloween Towels…you!


tie-dyed halloween dish towels with iLoveToCreate #crafts #iLoveToCreate

Um…hello? YES! That was my response when I was asked to do a project for iLoveToCreate. Tie-dye, puffy paint, and iron-on embellishments were my supplies. Oh yeah…bring on the puffy paint! I created these adorable tie-dye Halloween towels with my supplies from iLoveToCreate. Aren’t they fabulous!!

These are the supplies you need…

halloween towels supplies

Follow the easy directions on the box to tie-dye your box. And think about your childhood while you work.

I surely hope you did a bit of tie-dyeing when you were young. Here are my towels getting ready to be wrapped in plastic and sit overnight in the dye. I wanted strong colors and left the dye on overnight.

halloween towels 1

They turned out great!! They had bright colors in a very tie-dye fashion…perfect!

halloween towels 3

Next up…the iron-on embellishments. They are easy. Iron. The end. And then you end up with something like this…

halloween towel 6

I used puffy paint to add dimension, edges, and fun. Did I mention there is glow-in-the-dark puffy paint included in the kit? Yes maam! I made sure to add a glow in the dark mouth and eyes to that pumpkin. And a stripe to the spiders. I’m hoping the pumpkin gives my kids a bit of a second look. Ha!

halloween towels 7

Now there are two lovely, Halloween towels! What a fun, useful craft! Thank you so  much to iLoveToCreate for letting me try out your great products…so fun!! Keep bringing out the glow-in-the-dark puffy paint!! I will find more uses for it the my Tie-Dyed Halloween Towels!

tie-dyed halloween dish towels with iLoveToCreat #crafts #iLoveToCreate

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By the way, although I was included in this campaign by iLoveToCreate and Blueprint Social this is my project, my opinions, and my blog…it is 100% me!


    • miznelliebellie says

      Ha!! Well, I can’t say I enjoy wiping my hands on spider normally. But, you are right…this is fun! Thanks for stopping Kelly!

  1. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    Spoooooooooky! I don’t know if I will wash my hands in your house now.. this is scary! ;) Great creative idea Janel- you hit the pumpkin on the head with this one! Nice work my friend! Jen

  2. miznelliebellie says

    Address?? You can have mine :). Ha!!
    Thank you so much!
    And I love seeing your comments…I can just feel you smiling, love it!

    • miznelliebellie says

      Thank you for commenting!! I wanted to do something other then shirts and the usual…towels is was :). Have a great rest of the week!

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