recycle sweaters: sweater flowers

This is a great project I shared some time back at Life on Mars.

I recently made a pillow from an old sweater. I had to cut off the arms off of the sweater for the project but I hated to throw them out…it seemed like such a waste.
So they sat in my bucket of “stuff” until I thought of a use. Wa ha!! Flowers!

Supplies: strips of a sweater (length and width is up to you), hot glue gun, stick, buttons, green yarn.
Here is the quick picture by picture run down (cause I am a picture instruction kinda gal)…

Take a strip of sweater and hot glue the end to the end of the stick.
Wrap it around once or twice.
Let it work it’s way upwards as you wrap.

Cut it off when you have it wrapped around a couple of times.
Now hot glue a strip around the middle of your band.
Be sure to only glue the bottom of the strip to the “flower”… you want to be able to pull it down (picture 1).
Go all the way around, cut it off and hot glue the ends together (picture 2).
glue another strip in the same way towards the bottom of your band (picture 3).
When you have as many “petals” as you want just dab a bit hot glue on the stick and wrap it up in yarn…be sure to hot glue the ends to the stick (picture 4…ignore the bow, it didn’t work).
Then add a simple button to the center (picture 5).

There you have it. Adorable.
And depending on how your sweater rolls and how you vary your application you will get various shapes. How cool!

gosh, the worst part of this project…
old sweaters are one more thing I keep, just in case.

Til’ Next Time!

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  1. says

    oh my goodness! that is too easy. and so cute!

    loved it. I have sweaters in my stash…waiting for someone to come up with an easy craft that even I could do…Now, if I’d just get in there and do it!
    practically free too,huh?


  2. says

    Your brain is a bottomless pit of crazy project ideas! If I start keepin’ sweater arms, I’m going to have nowhere to sleep! Yur awesome…and so funny!!!

  3. faithfilledcc says

    Those are adorable! I’m sure Miss JD will be wanting to make these for her pop bottles like yours in her bedroom. Janel makes them, so they have to be cool! She can probably figure it out, me, the not so crafty person, on the other hand would need more help!! BTW…she has something she is making for you right now…teeheeheehee!! ;-)

  4. says

    These are so cute Janel! I can see dressing up some of my many boring pillows. I’m not a hoarder yet but all these cool crafts are getting me there :)

  5. Terrie R. says

    So cute! What a great idea. I love all these projects using old sweaters, someday maybe I’ll try one too.

  6. says

    those are two cute! in a fit of rage when i am too chubby for my sweaters next winter i will cut them up and make them flowers. or threaten them to fit me… if not, scissors.

  7. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    hush right now! Brilliant! Love these cute little things, really… I do! :) Thanks for sharing, I might just have to give it a whirl!-Jen

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