a tale of Thanks.

I was sitting and planning out my week of posts.
I looked at the calendar and realized that Thanksgiving was on the week.
And thought and thought.
What to post that day?
Should I post?
Should I take that opportunity to take the day off…with good reason.

I decided that I would post.
But, I would post a little bit of  a different something something.
A bit of my heart.
A bit of my life.
A bit of my experience.
of Thanks.

Once upon a time there was a little girl.
Born into a broken home.
Yes, even though she was the first in a young marriage the home was already broken.

That little girl didn’t had an easy life.
She didn’t have a pretty childhood.
There were more hardships then she can remember good.
In fact, most of her childhood she doesn’t remember.
It’s easier.

As an adult, life hasn’t been much easier.
As with most people, hard times happen.
Pain and grief, betrayal and hurt.
It’s all there.
It’s all been felt.
It’s all been lived.
It’s still being lived.

But, here’s the thing.
The most important part.

I am THANKFUL for the hardships, they make me me.
I am THANKFUL for the broken home, it showed me what I didn’t want.
I am THANKFUL for my parent’s broken marriage, it taught me what doesn’t work.
I am THANKFUL for the pain, it makes the happy stronger.
I am THANKFUL for the grief, it makes the joy better.
I am THANKFUL for the betrayal, it makes loyalty sweeter.
I am THANKFUL for the hurt, it teaches me to be kind.

Even as I write this there is pain and drama in my life.
There always will be. It’s part of the family God has put me in.
But within all of that are amazing relationships, friendships, family, and love.
I am so THANKFUL for each and everyone of you that has made my life sweeter.
Those of you that love me for who I am.
No matter my stuff.
Those of you in real life.
And you, my readers.

It is such a blessing that I hold dear.

And I want you to know…
That stuff…
That bad stuff
The crap you can’t control…

Be bigger and better then it.
Learn from it.
Don’t let your actions within that crap be less then you are.
Be thankful.
For whatever little thing you can find.
And you will win.
Every time.

I’m choosing to be THANKFUL today.
How about you??
What are you thankful for today??




  1. Geri Chase says

    Thanks for your heartfelt honesty and willingness to share a part of your life and yourself that probably isn’t east to talk about. It helps those of us who come from similar circumstances. It’s nice to know that someone else knows how I feel and what I’ve been through and why life sometimes feels overwhelming to me. You get that I am not a loser, I am just struggling to overcome my upbringing (or lack thereof).

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