Chalk Paint: how to make it and why you should, with a video tutorial

Why chalkpaint is great, tips for using it, and a video tutorial on how to make chalkpaint!

Chalk paint isn't the new kid on the block by any means. Not at all. But, I'm uber surprised at how many are still completely unaware at the miracle this stuff is. If you are one of attention. This is for you. I hate painting. Especially furniture. And, until I discovered chalk paint I avoided it at all costs. I would look at a piece of furniture that was just right for what I … [Read more...]

toy toothbrush holder.

toy toothbrush holder

There are those moments when you need to do something ridiculous for no other reason than because it makes you smile. I hope you have those moments-- I hope that you act on them. I did. As a result of my impulsiveness, I now have a giraffe toothbrush holder. A toy giraffe toothbrush holder.  Sitting on my bathroom counter staring smugly at me when I wash my hands. It's awfully hard for … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make a gift bag (video tutorial)

how to make gift bags

Simple steps to make a gift bag: Today's video tutorial is a good one and I daresay I'm getting a bit better at these!! I'm starting in on Christmas preparation with these adorable gift bags! Handmade, inexpensive and easy...why pay alot for something that you can make better? These are not hard, nor do they take alot of time to make. I used copy paper for most of these, or some left over paper … [Read more...]

jar terrarium.

A video tutorial on how to make terrariums! They are so easy and can be as inexpensive as you like! from NellieBellie

Terrariums have invaded Pinterest, magazines, and all sorts of sites. They are everywhere! And, for good reason. They are little jars of happiness that take care of themselves, are easy to make, and don't have to cost alot. How could you NOT love them?? That would just be silly. So, if you are ready to jump on the terrarium bandwagon and don't know how to make a one...I'm your superhero. I know, I … [Read more...]

couch arm tray.

DIY couch arm tray table from

I have another great space saving solution for you today! In our new apartment, space is limited. And while we have room for a coffee table if we squish it in, we decided not to squish. But, on game day or movie night you really, really want a place for your beer and popcorn! An easy, space saving solution to our problem is this DIY couch arm tray... Now, before we being this tutorial of … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make a vintage roll-up map (from a shade)

diy map tutorial

I adore, adore, adore the roll-up vintage maps. Adore! But, alas...they are beyond my budget. And difficult to find. So, when offered me a chance to craft with one of their shades I jumped at the chance. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make. I knew EXACTLY how. And I knew it would be amazing! was. Making this vintage style map was easier then I expected. Would I make the map … [Read more...]

Quick and easy fabric leaves!


These fabric leaves are a quick and easy project to make for your fall decor. Nothing fancy or hard about these lovelies! A vase of these next to your tipsy pumpkin topiary and your tablescape will be set! These are very simple to create. It will leave you time to glue on washers and bits of wood to a vase. And fill it with buttons. No reason…it’s just cool. Here’s the supplies you … [Read more...]