mini cake stand.

There are projects that I am so very excited about that I forgo important work so that I can make them. This mini domed cake stand is one of them. Like the diy ring dish tutorial I recently did for a Christmas gift, this domed cake stand is so quick and easy it’s downright shameful. So, I thought it would be just fabulous to share the simple steps with you so you can make one of your own!

There are many wonderful tutorials for creating your own cake stands. But, this domed version is a special twist. Of course, the mini size of this stand (don’t worry, you can do a full version!) adds to the adorableness. A mini domed cake stand would be a gift that most anyone would be pleased to receive! Honestly though, I’m keeping this one. I love it!

Oh my goodness! What a lovely gift to give! This handmade domed cake stand is so quick and easy to make...anyone can do it!


domed cake stand materials

Materials: needed for domed cake plate:

  • bowl
  • small plate
  • small cup, egg cup, sundae dish, or candlestick
  • large bead or knob
  • E6000 or similarly strong clear, waterproof glue

This is when you splurge on that beautiful bowl and plate set you saw, or the gorgeous hand painted bead you love.  I went to Pier 1 for my set and had a hard time choosing WHICH set to get. You could try your local thrift store and see what you can find. I had my heart set on this little set since I decided to make this project.

A drawer knob will work for the top if you can remove the screw and it will still look nice. Otherwise, a large bead works well.

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repurpose vintage hankies into a runner


This gorgeous runner is unfortunately on my table for these pics. She is waiting for her new home on a more well-deserved table of my dear friends. She will be a Christmas Gift. This is so simple that I feel it would be insulting to show you how to do it. Simply grab some vintage hankies (I paid $1 for each of mine, hopefully you don’t have to pay more.) and sew them together. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can simply use some fabric glue (you can find it in the sewing section at Wally world or others). I added some vintage lace to my ends but it’syour choice (tassels would be cute too, wouldn’t they?)

There you have it. Another easy Homemade Christmas gift that is sweet, charming, and adorable.
Cause, we don’t want to spend all our time on sewing. We want to have time for fun too!