Chalk Paint: how to make it and why you should, with a video tutorial

Why chalkpaint is great, tips for using it, and a video tutorial on how to make chalkpaint!

Chalk paint isn't the new kid on the block by any means. Not at all. But, I'm uber surprised at how many are still completely unaware at the miracle this stuff is. If you are one of attention. This is for you. I hate painting. Especially furniture. And, until I discovered chalk paint I avoided it at all costs. I would look at a piece of furniture that was just right for what I … [Read more...]

raising children that love the outdoors.

Raising children that love the outdoors, from

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2014. We love Earth Day. Because we love our earth, the outdoors, and all that brings. We hope that you do as well. And, if you are parents...that you are raising children that love the outdoors as well. Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way! I am writing from the coolness of my living room after just spending time in the hot sun. If you follow me on … [Read more...]

pipe lamp.

Anthro-inspired DIY pipe lamp from

I'm featuring my Anthropologie inspired DIY Pipe lamp, my favorite project, as the project of the year for NellieBellie in 2013! Thanks readers for making this year a fabulous year and cheers to 2014! This lamp has been featured in more places than I can count, shared oodles of times, pinned thousands of times, and gosh all rock, thank you! I adore, adore, adored the Anthropologie Pipe … [Read more...]

Top creative diy project ideas


I realized that the last few months the posts my readers are reading the most are my creative DIY project ideas. Projects like my lath floor, dropcloth rug, and painted tile have been incredibly popular and active. So, I brought together these top posts and more into one spot to make it easy to peruse, admire, and spout off about how awesome and creative I am :). DIY Project Ideas So, stop by one … [Read more...]

couch arm tray.

DIY couch arm tray table from

I have another great space saving solution for you today! In our new apartment, space is limited. And while we have room for a coffee table if we squish it in, we decided not to squish. But, on game day or movie night you really, really want a place for your beer and popcorn! An easy, space saving solution to our problem is this DIY couch arm tray... Now, before we being this tutorial of … [Read more...]

Simpe steps to make a Game Day Scarf (no-sew)

game day scarf

It's Football Friday!! I don't know about you all...but I'm ready for the weekend! Fall is here in MN and it is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to some apple cider, football, and blankets! In prep for this weekends game AND the fall weather I jazzed up a plain scarf and turned it into a scarf perfect for cheering on my favorite team. Grab a scarf, paint, and water...and you can have one too! … [Read more...]

waterfall necklace.

Twig waterfall necklace from

I was going to start this post with mentions of how much I love a good bargain. but that is obvious by now.  So, I thought I would mention how I like to be a bit off beat. again, obvious.  I can't decide how to introduce this project. As a budget friendly project? or a trendy, unique gift idea? or perhaps as a re-purposing masterpiece?  Let's go with...trendy, unique, and … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Homemade bath soak


    I don't know about you guys but I love a good yummy soak in the tub after a hard day. I have a few favorite bath soaks that I use. But, recently I tried my hand at making my own. Hello...where have you been all my life you wonderful thing you? Okay, I need to clarify a few things about the above picture… The word bubble in the tag is a bit deceptive. I mean, there are bubbles … [Read more...]