How to make a haystack from a toilet paper tube

Make haystacks out of toilet paper rolls. A easy, fun project for the fall! #kidscrafts #fall #craft #recycledcraft

Aren't those the cutest haystacks you ever did see?? These are an easy, inexpensive idea for your fall table. You can get these made up very easily in a few minutes and they add so much to your fall table. And, because of how easy they are they make a perfect craft idea for children. Let's get to the tutorial: Materials: paper tubes (1 per namecard) colored twine tags (you can cut these out of paper if you like) Step 1: Cut your cardboard tube in half (the long way). Step 2: Cut small slits into each end of your cardboard tube (do not cut all the way to the middle). These make the tops and ...

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How to make confetti poppers (with video tutorial)

confetti poppers tutorial. Easy to make with toilet paper tubes. Video tutorial to make it easy!

Summer is here and with it comes all sorts of festivities, and we made these great confetti poppers to help us celebrate. Graduation parties have started, barbecues can be heard and smelled from our apartment, and Fourth of July is less than a month away!  Yes, the summer festivities are in full swing.  You won't find us complaining.  We love summer.  Especially in Minnesota.  Doesn't get much better. Confetti poppers remind me of fun and laughter. So that means they are a perfect addition for your next party. Perfect! And these ones are inexpensive and fast to make. True story! Also, ...

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A video of me eating and talking at you, and a round-up.

september recipes

Well, can you believe it's the end of September?? That went by fast!! But, I'm enjoying the cooler weather, the kids in school, and the cozy drinks!! No, who am I kidding...I'm dreading winter. Let's be honest, shall we? Winter kind of stinks. But, fall? Fall is gorgeous! Before I get to the who's who and what what that happened here on NellieBellie this month I wanted to update you a bit on my family...  "Apple" Cupcakes "Candy Corn" Kid's fruit cup Skillet Eggs w/ Chorizo and Goat Cheese And of course, my favorite... Cauliflower "Potato" Salad This salad is my favorite because it's healthy and oh gosh is it ...

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Craft tutorial: how to make a mini Wisconsin.

winterscene feature

Christmas is coming and here in Wisconsin it is a rare, rare thing indeed to not have a White Christmas. But, I am sadly aware that many of you are in warmth, with beaches and palm trees. First of all, no sympathy. Not happening. Suntan lotion, cabana boys, and girly drinks sound pretty heavenly! But…at Christmas time there is something magical about Wisconsin and snow. They just go together. Like chocolate and NellieBellie. Or wine and NellieBellie. Or sleep and NellieBellie. You get the idea. So, I wanted to show you how to bring a bit of the wonder of Wisconsin to you. I wish I could pack these up and ship to all ...

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Simple steps to make a mini bow and arrow

mini bow and arrow tutorial from NellieBellie

This mini bow and arrow tutorial is adorable! I adore it. This is one I had done last year. I'm improving the post and pictures and bringing it back. Because, it's just too cool! necessary supplies for the mini bow and arrow: popsicle sticks fishing line (you can use floss, too) q-tips. Tools you need: craft knife or other sharp knife bowl of water Okay. Here we go... You need to soak the popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour...or two. This makes them soft and bendable. At some point during their soaking cut two small slits on each end of the stick. Finish their soaking. Now that they are ...

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gilded animal bookends.


 These Quick & Easy gilded animal bookends make my heart beat a little faster and my smile a bit bigger.  They are one of those craft ideas I came up with randomly and didn't realize how much I would love them until they were finished.  But they are absolutely fantastic!  I love how they take something as simple as a few blocks of wood and toy animals and turn them into something that looks classy and intentional. I used Martha Stewart liquid gilding for this craft, and you absolutely want to use it.  This turns everything you touch into gold. Literally. It’s brilliant.  You ...

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