Renting solutions: Colorful bedroom


I have no illusions that I am a skillful interior decorator or designer. I've come to terms with that. I have aspired to become Martha Stewarts long-lost daughter, I find that to be much more realistic. But, as the traffic to my Fall Home Tour all love to peek at other people's homes. So, I'll give you what you want (what you really, really want...). This is our tiny colorful bedroom in our new apartment... This truly is about it. … [Read more...]

Decorating and Design Ideas with men in mind. Part 3 of 3.

manly decorate feature3

Today is day 3 of filling our brains with design ideas with the boys in mind. If your home is full of bows, and ruffles, and…white!…this is for you! So pay attention!! And be sure to go check out yesterdays post for the fabulous tips that we already learned!! A reminder of the 3 questions I asked the bloggers… Question 1. When decorating with the boys in your home in mind what is one thing that you avoid as much as possible. Like colors, … [Read more...]

Before/After: boy’s bedroom on a budget

levi's room feature

  Perhaps you recall the before of Levi's bedroom? You can have a reminder in this post...when Levi was pleading with Mandi from Vintage Revivals to come and make over his room? Well, that plea for a makeover didn’t work for him. So, months and months later... I took pity on him. Kind of. It went something like this…”Levi, you finish your schoolwork early for the semester and you and I will have time to tackle that bedroom.” Whoa…3 days … [Read more...]

Simple steps to transform your builder grade door


One of the projects that needed to happen in order to bring our hallway up to standards was upgrading our doors. They are ugly hollow doors. You know, you’ve seen these doors. You maybe have them. It was time for them to go but we couldn’t afford to replace all 4 doors. Not happening. So, I got creative with tools and paint and did a DIY door upgrade. This is what we started with… I used lathe to add a T shape. I wanted to give the door a bit of … [Read more...]

master bedroom fabric wall reveal

I wanted to wait until I have the whole room done before I start posting. Yeah right...this is over 2 months in progress. I decided that I would show you all this fabric wall a little early. Which I love. A reminder of the before... Truly, truly it's the same room. Truly. I have lots of projects that went into this room but I just want to show off that wall in this post. It was my solution to a room with no interest. And a girl with no carpentry … [Read more...]