Simple steps to make a Rudolph the reindeer mount

NellieBellie: Rudolph the Reindeer mount. a tutorial for this fun and easy project!

I apologize to Santa for killing Rudolph. Do I redeem myself if I say this is just a stuffed version…not the real thing? This is a faux taxidermy. This Rudolph the Reindeer mount is adorable. Just make sure your kids know he’s only fabric or you might make them terribly sad!


  • stuffed reindeer
  • wood board/plaque
  • hot glue
  • glitter

To Do:

  1. Apply glue and then glitter to your board and the antlers of the reindeer. Let dry.
  2. Hot glue the head of the reindeer to your board (you may want to add a jar lid or round piece of wood inside the neck to help the head stand up nicely).
  3. If desired, add felt or ribbon to the edge of the board.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the neck (this helps hide any odd parts), hang an ornament.
  5. Use red yarn or ribbon to create a nose. Hot glue in place.
  6. Apply hanging hardware to the back.




DSC_0819(this wooden plaque I picked up at Walmart for $1. You need one that fits the size of the stuffed animal you are using)




(hot glue in mass amounts is used on the back of that tin cover.)



(I used a bit of the fur from the arms to help make his neck look good)


Reindeer is proudly sitting above our kissing chair. Yes, a kissing chair…

kissing chair

It works soo much better then a timeout chair. If a kid is sitting there they are available for kisses.

Levi is extra diligent to NOT get sent to the kissing chair. Gosh, I don’t know why the 9 year old boy doesn’t like it Smile.


Okay, story time.

Once upon a time this momma had a little boy and a teen girl. They were having a fighting kind of day. The kind to drive a mom nuts. Now, this mom doesn’t allow fighting in her house. Spats, yes. Disagreements, yes. But…not the full-on fighting. Oh no! Not happening!

So, the dilemma…what to do?

I could punish them individually. But, that might breed more resentment. And sounded less then practical.

And, technically…the older should get punished worse then the younger. Right?

Solution: send them to the naughty step until they hugged each other for 5 minutes straight.

Oh yes I did!

And, they did sit there for a long time. Until they realized I was perfectly content going about my day with them sitting there.

The best part…hugging for 5 minutes cannot be done without giggling and a mutual agreement that mom’s punishments are dumb!

Yay…agreement! Even if I threw myself under the bus :)

Moral of the story? A kissing chair would have been so much more effective!


A tip…this cute project would work great as a non-Christmas craft with any type of stuffed animal. Dinosaurs, Rhino’s…even a duck. They would all be cute!

NellieBellie: Rudolph the Reindeer mount. a tutorial for this fun and easy project!


To see what happens when my kids burp at the table head over to Manners Matter! And for more holiday projects check out the holiday gallery.


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