ginger tea.

Headaches suck pickles. Really bad. And this one I’ve been hanging on to for a couple of days is no exception. It’s probably from working out. I should stop. Yep, that’s what it is. Working out is killing me slowly. Ginger Tea will make that all better.

Ginger tea? Headaches? Well, let me tell you a little something, something about Ginger. It’s a cure-all in a little root. Your tummy loves it, you head loves it, your nerves love it. It’s like one big love fest for your body. Naturally. It’s got this all-natural pain reliever thing about it. It’s a lovely little perk of being the Ginger plant. God said “let’s make this plant have super-powers”…POOF!

Ginger Tea helps soothe tummies, and heads, and nerves, and my work-out woes. It’s currently my new fave. Right after sleep.

You need to get yourself some…

ginger tea recipe: Ginger is fantastic for you!!! from NellieBellie

(This makes about 2 cups of tea. Give or take)


*1 tab minced, chopped, shredded …basically beat-up ginger.
*2 cups boiling water.
*1 black tea bag.
*1/4 cup evaporated milk (or cream or 1/2 & 1/2 or milk)
*4 tsp sugar (to taste)

The How How:


Step 1. Take your beat-up ginger and jam it into a tea strainer. If you don’t have a tea strainer you could use a homemade tea bag (easy!! HERE is the how-to) or put it in loose and strain it with a sieve after brewing.



Step 2. Place your ginger and your tea bag in your boiling water. I put the boiling water, tea bag, and ginger into a cute teapot. Because its fun. A saucepan on the stove works just as well. (although, here’s a great excuse to get a cute teapot!)

Step 3. Leave it sit for about 5 minutes. More time is a stronger tea, less time is not so strong. You get it.

Step 4. Remove the tea and ginger.

Step 5. Add the milk and sugar. Here’s where using the saucepan on the stove works well…you can heat the milk a bit before drinking. If you use the teapot, the milk cools it down a bit. But…it looks cute!

ginger tea recipe: Ginger is fantastic for you!!! from NellieBellie

Now go forth and give your body a little loving. And remember the little, lowly Ginger… it’s a root of epic powers!!
Go away now; I have a headache and you are too darn noisy. I’m sipping my Ginger Tea and heading off to bed.

P.S. If you like ginger try our girlified version of the Moscow Mule…the Moscow Unicorn!


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    Add fresh lemon slices (mush one up for full flavor) and honey, omit the sugar and milk and you have something the local organic food store sells for $4 a mug!!! I just bought ginger today, I’ll try your recipe if you try mine! :)~

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