Simple steps to make a placemat clutch (no-sew)


No-sew clutch using only Tape and a Placemat...from NellieBellie

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand shelling out the money for a bag, clutch, necklace, shoes…whatever…that I am only going to wear once. But, sometimes it is fun to have a clutch to match my dress. Placemats and napkins have some fabulous patterns!!! Seriously cool! And…their edges are finished, they are a great width, and usually nice and thick. Perfect to turn into a clutch! What?? You don’t believe me?? Well…grab yourself some cool duct tape and follow along! Chop chop!! We have a Placemat Clutch to make!

This is to my taste. It may not be to yours. But…let’s not get hung up on the looks. You need to see the possibilities of this little craft. It’s amazing!! I can’t believe I didn’t do these earlier in my girl life. Oh, here are the ones I have made in the last few weeks. Yes…I am obsessed.


Yes, this is going to be a problem. And…these were done just with I had on hand. I haven’t even gotten to Target or Macys or…World Market (!) to look for placemats!! Oh boy.

I created a nice little picture collage tutorial to show you how easy. It’s actually quite ridiculous.

placemat clutch tutorial by NellieBellie! This is no-sew using just tape and a placemat!

Did you catch that??

1. Lay out your placemat so it’s the skinny way. Fold up the bottom. You are creating your pocket.

2. Tape up the sides. There…You have a pocket.

3. Add a strip of tape right above where the fold is going to be. This will make it sturdy and more “clutch” like.

4. Tape up all the sides, tops, bottoms, in betweens. Anywhere you want a finished edge. Not that big of a deal though if you have a fabulous placemat!

5. Add little velcro dots if you choose. I do because it makes my clutch more user friendly.

P.S….I used this yellow tape with the pink fabricy stuff to have a contrast to show you the steps….not because I think it’s beautiful! Just clarifying.

There you go! You can make any number of variations. You can buttons, beads, more tape. You can add chain handles, tape handles, cut a slit for a handle. You can add proper closures, more then one pocket (I took a long dish towel and folded it several times before taping to create 3 pockets…I’m obsessed). It really is very, very cool!

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