Homemade Microwave fudge: peppermint edition

When I put up the recipe for my Lazy Baker’s microwave fudge last year I was unprepared for how much you all were going to love it, share it, come back for the recipe again and again, and pin it. I totally get it…I love it too. I haven’t made a “proper” pan of fudge since using this microwave fudge version. Why? This is so good and far easier. Yes, it’s not going to make your body jump up and down with joy for the nutrients you are providing it. But, really…what homemade fudge recipe is going to do that? It’s about your taste buds, man. And those? Why those think this fudge is “da bomb”!!!

The original microwave fudge version (made with leftover Halloween candy mixed in)…

easy, delicious, made in the microwave fudge.

So, today I’m going to give you a holiday version of the basic microwave fudge recipe that I use. A peppermint version. This is so easy I feel a bit ridiculous telling you. You probably already know this and if so…move on. (NOOO, I lied…don’t leave my site! go to a different page, click on my face, heck…click on an ad!) But, just in case you don’t know… I want to show you so that you can be a superhero. And, of course, it’s up to you if you share your secret. You could just keep your fudge recipe to yourself and be “the fudge bringer“. Go you!

peppermint microwave fudge. only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes until this delicious treat is done!

Crush inexpensive peppermint candies and stir them into the fudge right before pouring into the pan…it looks amazing and tastes even better!

Peppermint Microwave Fudge

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  1. Faith says

    your recipe for microwave fudge looks incredible. I’d love to make some. I am in England so things are a bit different here. What weight in chocolate do i use because we have different sized bags of chocolate chips.
    Many thanks

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