Simple steps to make paper fortune cookies

Paper fortune cookies: a NellieBellie tutorial

These have been done I am sure. But not by me. And I was excited when I figured them out. So, yay you…you get to learn along with me!

These would be a. dor. able. for Valentine’s. Put some cute little sayings and candy in them and you would have a fabulous Valentine to give! As well, knowing how to do this is just plain old useful all year long. You never know when you might need to pull out fortune cookies! I mean…those Saturday game nights would be sooo much more fun with a fortune cookie, don’t you think?

Paper fortune cookies: a NellieBellie tutorial

1. Use foam (what I used), felt, paper, fabric…the possibilities are endless!
2.  Just cut circles.
3.  Apply glue around the edges and fold in half (be sure to put your fortunes in first!).
4. Pinch top (add some glue in first).
Glitter added makes everything better, just saying!

p.s. did you notice my little saying? “You are the dance in my chicken”.” Get it? Yep, it’s the little things that makes me giggle!Paper fortune cookies: a NellieBellie tutorial

diy paper fortune cookies: a NellieBellie tutorial

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