Customize disposable dishes quick & easy

These disposable dishes are an absolutely adorable addition to summer parties!  They make any dishes fancier!  From

Painted disposable dishes may seem a bit odd, but think on it a moment… or a couple…

There are several reasons we love the idea of painted disposable dishes:

  1. They’re cute.  That’s reason enough sometimes.
  2. They can make any silverware match your theme.  No reason to search high and low for the perfect shade to match.  Create your own.
  3. They look fancy.  So you can get away with doing less other places.  You’re welcome.
  4. They’re way easier to make than people think.

Okay…so those are all reasons you should try these.  And here’s the how-to:

painted disposable dishes from

 Use whatever paint you have available, and press the paint onto your silverware.  Shake off the excess so that the paint doesn’t drip all the way down to where you eat.  That’s gross.  And then let them dry with the painted edge up.

painted disposable dishes from

 For the cups, you’ll want to put paint into a disposable dish.  That way you can throw it away when you’re done.  Dip the bottom of the cups into the paint, and make sure you drip them dry a bit so the paint doesn’t run all the way to the rim.  

painted disposable dishes from

 Tip them over to dry.  You’ll notice we had a few that we didn’t let drip enough, so they dripped all the way down to the rim.  That stunk.  Because our paint also had glitter in it.  So people had to drink glitter. Eww.  We’ll do better next time.

painted disposable dishes from

 After they’ve dried, you’ll have beautiful painted disposable dishes!  So easy!


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