No-Sew, No-glue, No-fuss pillow covers!

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We are on Event 1…decorating.
Yesterday the tutorials were shared.
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I am still getting my living room ready for the reveal on Thursday.
I wanted a quick, inexpensive way to vamp up my pillows.
Here’s what I did…



Safety pins. I used 12 on each pillow.
Beads. The holes need to be large enough for the needle to go through.
Fabric. I started out to do this project with cloth napkins.
Alas, the stores near me are limited. Pretty cloth napkins are hard to find.
So, I settled for these Fat Quarter singles. And they worked just fine.



Line up your fabric square on your pillow.


Pin each side, pulling tight as you go. Then go back and add additional pins to secure it nicely.
If you are handy dandy, you can add the beads at this step. I am not handy.



This is what it looks like all pinned up. Take your scissors and trip up the edges,
cut off extra fabric, straighten things out. Whatever.


Add beads to the safety pins on one side.


On the other side take fabric from trimming, or ribbon and knot it to the pins.


The knotted side.


The beaded side.



There you go…an easy, inexpensive way to make pillow covers.
Yes, it is probably still quicker to sew these up.
But, not if your sewing machine doesn’t work!
And, I should iron before I start. But, ach…who likes to iron?

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    Janel….now that is my kind of pillow make over – safety pins. I just saw a pin pillow in Country Sampler yesterday that I thought I would try one day….I like yours even better!!!

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