NellieBellie Studio opens Labor Day Weekend | Stillwater

This is a post I never thought would be written. It was in the dreams and hopes. But, the reality was looking much different. Hopes and dreams are meant to be achieved. Serious hard work sometimes stands in front of those dreams. But, isn’t that the way it is for things worth having?

So it is with the NellieBellie Studio. Hard work. Serious amounts.

NellieBellie studio opens Labor Day weekend in Stillwater, Minnesota!

But, that hard work is paying off and we will be opening our physical studio space on Labor Day weekend. We are opening in the historic Grand Garage in Stillwater, MN. We feel that this building is on the cusp of revitalization, beauty, and energy. And we want to be part of it! Of course, being surrounded by our beloved historic town with it’s lively, charming culture is a perk. We look out our window and see our favorite little Mexican cafe, cobblestone streets, and an historic wall mural. When we saw this space with it’s original brick floors, huge windows, vintage charm, and amazing natural light…we were done. It’s hard not to be creative in a space like that! 

What is the studio for?

Well, it’s a space of our own. With two of us working now it was getting challenging working from one of our apartments. We were often distracted, or not taking ourselves seriously. We are looking forward to the chance to have more space and having it dedicated to working only. Hopefully that results in more productivity.

We are also bringing Social Media Conferences and classes to the studio. The space is perfect for small, intimate conferences and classes. We have a small loft that we have dedicated to conferences and classes. We’ll give you peeks of that space in the coming weeks, for sure. But, we are so passionate about teaching small business’ and creative entreprenuers the value in social media marketing, and teaching them in a right-brain, creative, casual way that makes sense to them.  You know, taking the classroom feel out and putting in conversation.  Because that’s the way we learn, and we know others learn that way as well. So, this space will host full-day conferences as well as smaller workshops and classes.

And, to top it off (as if that wasn’t enough), we will be hosting creative crafting classes. These classes are designed for adults and will be done in a classy, sexy style. They will be evening classes with turned down lights, pretty desserts, beautiful drinks, and classy projects. We’ll be doing wedding showers, couples’ nights, girls’ day out, and more. Frankly, these classes are more for us than anything. We don’t anticipate making much of our money from them. But, we can’t resist the opportunity to regularly wear pretty dresses, make-up, and have adult conversations. Throw in pretty spaces, crafting, and treats and we just have to offer evening parties!

Our studio itself will be an experiment in transparency. Our social media numbers from week to week are right there written on the wall. Our calendar of upcoming projects, to-do lists, goals, and campaigns are on the giant wall for all to see. We’ll be asking for interaction on social media right from the studio. Want to have a cup of coffee? We’ll be asking you to tweet the coffee company for it. We want to help bring understanding to the value social media actually has for a business. Showing that your tweet is worth a cup of coffee to us helps bring a solid, tangible value to the world of social media that businesses can grasp. It’s not about tricking you, it’s about teaching. We want to take away some of the mysteriousness of social media and give it names and numbers. We want the studio itself to be a teaching mechanism for how we have built our business in the social media and technical world. Hopefully, it will be in a fun and inspiring way! Be prepared for treats and tweets, for photo booths and instagram, and for engagement and interactiveness!

So, if you are local to the Twin Cities area…be sure to stop over to our Stillwater Studio after Labor Day weekend and say hi! We would love to see a smiling face. We’ll have space for you to grab a coffee, sit and chat, maybe even sign up for a class or two?



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