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Repeat, just in case you don’t follow NellieBellie every day you might not be aware that I have been in full Hallway Redo mode.

just shoot me.

Seriously, after the floor I was ready to just leave it. Be done. I was tired. That floor looks awesome but it was work. But I didn’t dare paint the floor until I painted the walls. I am sooo messy and knew I would get paint all over it. So, my desire to paint the floor is what forced those walls to be painted.

Have I ever told you… I HATE painting!

It’s like going to the dentist, doing breast exams, drinking water, and stopping to go to sleep…a necessary evil. So, I pulled up my Hane’s panties and went to work.

Here. Is. My. Hall. (drumroll please)

NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway


NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway

Just in case you don’t understand how epic this makeover was. In case you aren’t in love with my hallway as is. Just in case, I’ll show you the before/after collage thingy I made…


NellieBellie: hallway makeover

Isn’t that just crazy cool! Like, pinch me…this can’t possibly be in my house kind of cool! I want to eat in there, sleep in there, and just lay on the floor and breathe. It’s just amazing!


Let’s not talk about the ceiling. I painted it and it PEELED. Are you stinking kidding me?? It peeled!! So, now I’m saying we have an old house. Ha! It’s a 20 year old split level. But…it’s old :). Yep, let’s go with that. And I just saw that I forgot to patch the holes from the light. The power of sharpening pictures. Ugh.

This light is made of a pot cover (?is that what it is?) and 2 mason jars. And yes, I can DIY. But…this is beyond me! I bought it at a local occasional sale. I spotted that baby and knew she was coming home with me for my hall. Love!

NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway

Let’s have a little chat about some of the components of the hall redo.

1. ultra white paint from DutchBoy on the walls, trim, and doors.
holy schmoley the paint made a HUGE difference!! I painted it all the same color so that my floor would stand out. And boy did it work!

2. upgrade the doors.
check out the post about how I did that with extra lath and paint. Cheap and effective!

3. eclectic wall display.
I used that long wall to create a great display of this and that. And that ABC art…I created that for less then $3! Check that out HERE.
And I used pant hangers to hang some vintage Charmin girls.
P.S. those hooks I picked up the same place as the light. It was a happy day!

4. new, interesting, old light.
That old light had to go. I needed something interesting but that wouldn’t compete with the floor. I was beyond happy when I found this.

5. the floor.
yep, it’s all about the floor. It is made from lath. Really. The lath only cost me $14. The paint cost me more! The paint is DutchBoy textured porch and floor in
Jaded Janet (love that name!). For the tutorial on the floor go HERE.

6. rope lights.
to keep it casual and eclectic there are rope lights running along the ceiling. It is just too cool!


There is that floor…sigh.

NellieBellie: beautiful floor made from lath!

NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway

NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway


NellieBellie: gorgeous eclectic hallway

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  1. says

    1) I would love to have your permission to re-blog this post for my new links of websites I love (and have value) as yours does…so, may I have your OK to snag one of your NellieBellie.com identified photos and add the link to your website?

    2) I have a question about the sound level – I’m looking for an alternative to conventional flooring for 1 guest bedroom and possibly my master bedroom (I think lath might not work for the master – but think it would work out great in my guest bedroom) – I’ve noticed lumber flooring companies offer the wood with attached padding for sound “proofing”. Do you think if the lath was used in a bedroom flush to the floor that there would be a sound problem?

    Thanks and I’m SO glad I found your site this morning!

    • says

      1) absolutely! We are happy to allow one photo with a proper link. Go for it! 2) We haven’t had any sound problems because wood seems to be softer to begin with. Although, there is a bit of creaking and such but probably because I didn’t fit it as tightly as I should have. Builder error ;)

  2. gigi says

    Hi! I am thinking of painting wood floors and wondered if they had held up well? I love them but everyone tells me that they will chip and peel. :( yours look great!!

    • says

      Mine have held up amazingly!! I fact, I believe at the bottom of this post there is a link to the hall 8months later. The worst they are doing is fading from foot traffic. Nothing another coat of paint can’t heal!

    • miznelliebellie says

      Thanks so much for stopping by with such nice comments (always the best kind :)). We are loving that floor color too!!
      Have a great week!

  3. roeshel says

    It is SO sweet! Love every detail (well, maybe not the peeling ceiling – hey that rhymes! – but I understand old houses. We call it “character”. lol!) You did a beautiful job. I would have snatched that light fixture right up too. Love the floor color, the bench is fabulous, the rope lighting is such a fun touch, seriously…pinning for inspiration. It’s awesome!

    • miznelliebellie says

      Thanks Roeshel!!!
      Sadly, we don’t have an old house. That’s why that stinks. But…it would be hard to know that with that ceiling! Oh well….character.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Elizabeth@BlueClearSky says

    What a beautiful transformation! So fresh and bright and totally worth the work of painting, even if you do hate painting. I adore the floor colour, totally me too. Love the old chippy bench and the mason jar light fixture was a great find.

  5. Leslie Stewart says

    This is a great transformation! Fun floor color! Thank you so much for linking it up to my party!

  6. says

    Where do I start? So many wonderful creative touches! The floor is absolutely stunning and the light fixture is fabulous! A beautifully done project through and through.


  7. says

    What a stunning color of turquoise Janel! It really pops against the white! Girl you have tons of patience and persistance!! I am like that too at times…get an idea in my head and nothing is going to stop me, even if maybe I should – haha!! Great job – now go and pat yourself on the back!

  8. Kelly Elko says

    WOW – this rocks! All your hard work paid off – and at least nobody had to press your boobs in a vise for this – so it’s a win win situation!

  9. Carol says

    I too am in love with your hallway. I had to laugh when you said “stopping to go to sleep, a necessary evil”. I wish I didn’t have to sleep because there are too many things in life I want to do, see, experience, etc. and unfortunately I am not independently wealthy so I have to work. I’ll be back.

  10. Karen says

    I just read the whole tutorial on the flooring. It is AHMAZING. And NEVER sadly happening at my home, unless you want to come over and I will pay you to install it in my bedroom and master bath……I would NEVER have this much patience, but good thing you did, because the whole hall is just jaw dropping. SERIOUSLY! I can’t believe I have missed this and a darn good thing you linked it up with me! I so love your “use whatever you have” on hand philosophy, that is my love language of DIY. Anywho…..I am sharing this jaw dropping makeover at my party tomorrow. -K

  11. Jill says

    WOW! Janel! This is magazine-worthy – so much better, it doesn’t even look like the same hallway. I love all the eclectic pieces. Home Run!

  12. Bliss says

    Well shut the hallway door!!!!! (Am I the first one to say that?) The before and after and stuff dreams are made of.


  13. Janet says

    I may just have to get some Jaded Janet and paint some wood floor. My husband looked at me like I’m nuts, he’s not keen on painting floors, lol.

  14. Meg @ Nutmeg Place says

    It looks amazing! How fun was it painting all that white?!?! haha I love what you did with the doors. That extra little touch made such a difference.

    Well done girl!

  15. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    The rope lights- that just finished this hall up! Janel Janel Janel! Can we say holy hell? That hall looks so bright, fresh and screams NELLIEBELLIE!!!! Great work, I Love Love Love it!

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