Mustache cookies!

It’s time get our fun on again. Enough of this dawdling with names, layouts and such.
Let’s get back to the business of doing cool stuff.

So…I have sponsors now. Epically cool strangers that pay me to have their little button in my sidebar.
I work for them.
Well, seems to have forgotten that I do stuff FOR THEM!
And, yeah…I am not feeling like a reminder needs to happen. Nope.

Cause, I got this in the mail yesterday…


Oh yeah baby…I’m all over that!

Just because I don’t have mustaches all over my blog does not diminish my love of them.
They are just…quirky. Love!

Two new things happened yesterday afternoon.


1. Mustache Cookies were made.

I’ve never made mustache cookies before. This was new. And WAY fun.
Cookies are just better when made into mustaches. Who says facial hair isn’t sexy?

2. Cookie icing was made.

I’ve never made cookie icing before. You know the kind that is all runny and dries hard and shiny.
And I wanted brown or black. But, I didn’t buy any color.
I figured I would just make brown the way you do with watercolors…mix it all up.
Umm…not recommended. Lesson learned.

I would love to share my recipes. But…I just went to AllRecipes and found the top rated.
I still don’t have a sugar cookie recipe I love. You can share yours with me. I would love to try them!

But, these cookies are fun. And of course they tasted good!
Thank you to my great sponsor!!
No, I don’t think everyone has such great sponsors. I know I kinda stink myself.


Aren’t we just the cutest!


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  1. says

    love the new look for the blog! for a second I was confused when I clicked in and behold new name and new look! but I figured it out cause i’m smart like that! cute stach. mustaches are in! some of my buds just cooked up a whopping 650 of them for a wedding.

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