monogram ornament.

Sometimes I run across something while perusing pretty things that speaks to me. These glitter monogram ornaments from Pottery Barn spoke to me. They said…”you can make these so much cheaper!”. When strange ornaments talk to you, you listen! These are so quick and easy you can crank out several in no time!

glitter monogram ornament. a Pottery Barn knock-off. quick and easy to make with cardboard and glitter!

And it’s true, these are a very easy and sweet ornament to make. All you need is cardboard, glue, and glitter and you are on your way to a lovely addition to your Christmas tree!

monogram ornament materials


  • glue (I use spray glue because it’s fast and easy, any kind that makes glitter stick works!)
  • glitter (any kind, any color). I’m a gold lover, myself.
  • cardboard (cut your cardboard into letters)
  • ribbon, twine, string for hanging

monogram ornament step1

monogram ornament step2

To Do:

  1. Cut letters out of cardboard
  2. Punch holes in the top of the cardboard letters
  3. Apply glue, then glitter.
  4. Use ribbon or twine to add a hangar.

Tip: If you don’t want your glitter to fall all over the place after you create your ornament a quick spray with clear sealer or a thin coat of ModPodge will make that glitter stay nicely.

glittermonogram ornament. a pottery barn knock-off. easy to make with cardboard, glue, and glitter!

These quick and easy glitter monogram ornaments are just a simple, lovely addition to a gift or tree! I made a batch of these to use for wrapping presents this Christmas. Nothing says “I think you are great” like glitter, gold, and cardboard…don’t you think! 



  1. Paulette Barber says

    Ah so that’s why you said you were covered in glitter the other day. Good work! Fun project to do with the kids let the glitter rain !

  2. marian says

    I hate, hate, hate, the floating social media buttons. They are sooooo mega distracting while reading your page that I had to stop and leave this note. It’s so distracting that I don’t think I’ll be back, which is a shame because it looks like you have good content. I just don’t want to read it because of those stupid buttons. :(

    • says

      Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. After putting up a poll for my readers I have taken them off. I hope that creates a better experience for my readers. And, yes…I have great content :).

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