toadstool mini terrarium

mini terrarium

I love toadstools. They are happy, silly, and quirky. They make me smile.

I plan on making this toadstool mini terrarium into a little necklace. I have to get the perfect chain for it.  Yes, that is how small this thing is.  It is teeny tiny.  The photo doesn’t show you that, does it.  Oh, the magic of photography!

But anyway, I wanted to show you this little craft.  It was made from a little… hmmm…what is that container called? A corked bottle?  Yep, let’s go with that.  And from a bit of fake moss, ribbon, and…a thumbtack.

Yes indeed…that mini toadstool is simply a thumbtack (with the tack part removed) with a dollop of hot glue on top. A paint pen in white and one in red…mini toadstools!!! I can be called clever, genius…let’s go with lazy!

Isn’t this the sweetest little mini terrarium!

Instructions for Making a Mini Terrarium:

  1. Put moss in a tiny bottle.
  2. Take a thumbtack and put super glue in a dollop on top.
  3. Paint the thumbtack white.  Then the top red.  Then put on a couple white dots.
  4. Put thumbtack in tiny bottle.  
  5. Tie ribbon on bottle.

 If this mini terrarium is just too tiny for you…you might also like our jar terrariums.  They’re bigger and just as simple.  Or if you’re just looking for cute garden ideas, our herb garden in a box is absolutely stinking adorable.


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    I have been looking at little necklace terrariums online, this is so cute. If you would like another place to share your talents, I host a weekly friday to monday linky.

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    I have always loved toadstools and mushrooms, esp red ones with white spots. When I was a young child, I was sure that elves or fairies lived in them. My sister even had a lawn decoration of one, and we could never leave it in one place on the lawn. It was always moving, into the bed of crocus, in the roots of the oak tree, at the corner of my father’s garden… wonder it eventually, mysteriously disappeared!!!

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    Stop it! That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen…I want it! I actually have one of those little bottles…it came with my last purchase from Mindy Mae’s! I think Kate stole it, though….

    Anyhoo…love it!


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