Margarita Cupcakes

So, I may or may not be late posting this recipe because I was sitting and gabbing with 3 of my 10 siblings this morning.

And sneaking bits of frosting.


I may or may not be late posting this recipe because…I was sitting around eating cupcakes.

Not suggested during swimsuit season. Ach, why not…who cares. I’ll be the girl with

a bit of an extra gut. But, gosh darn I will be happy. Cause I just had a cupcake. 


Okay, let’s talk Margarita’s.

Lime, and Tequila, and salt, and other “stuff”.


Roll that up into a cupcake…bliss!!!


I would like to mention that this is not my recipe.

Because, sometimes, I find a recipe that I know I can’t make any more perfect.

It doesn’t happen often.

Because, let’s face it…my cupcake skill ego is far too large.

(those darn strawberry cupcakes yesterday humbled me a bit)

And rarely do I not think…I can do these better. It’s a problem. I’ll find a group.

But these…oh no, these…are perfect.


I will not even give you the recipe here.

I will make you go to the source.

Cause she deserves a high-five, woot woot, howdy pardner for creating

such awesomeness in one little cupcake!!

Brown-eyed Baker…you are my BFF. We haven’t met yet but,

we will eat popcorn and watch movies.


And the link to my BFF…

Brown-Eyed Baker




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