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Thanks Mara Mi for the fun afternoon!! Thanks Rachel for the beautiful table! Thank you to the fabulous baker who makes the delicious homemade, cupcakes! And thank you mom for letting me use your blog for my own purposes! Oh, and thank you friends for making the great sacrifice of stuffing your face with cupcakes!

Before beginning, we must introduce to you…

The Mara Mi Dream Team


Name: Katie

Occupation: Cupcake Consumer

Status: Queen

Birthplace: Narnia

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Cookie Dough



Name: J.Mae

Occupation: Fangirl

Status: Princess

Birthplace: Atlantis

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: German Chocolate


Name: Meg

Occupation: Square-Sliced Pizza Hater

Status: Duchess

Birth Place: Neverland

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Red Velvet

While the Hostage was still being held captive, my friends and I had a party at the wonderful Store + Studio + Café, also known as Mara Mi.

Mara Mi is a café with delicious treats. It is also a store with all sorts of beautiful paper products, baking tools, gifts, books, cards, and all sorts of other pretty things! Best of all, Mara Mi is a studio where designers create the beautiful products in the store, online, and at places like Target and T.J. Maxx. It’s the most brilliant place…ever! 

This wonderful place is located in downtown Stillwater MN. I would like to stress how incredibly fantastic Stillwater is just for a moment. Downtown Stillwater is lined with sweet little shops and antique stores, along with lovely restaurants. Stillwater in itself is gorgeous, filled with old architecture and a view of the river. You can ride ferries on the river, and it’s just overall fantastic! But anyway, onto the main attraction…


Upon arrival at Mara Mi, we were met with the artistic interior of the store and café. The interior is colorful and filled with decorations, plates, tea, baking supplies, and candy! The café is probably my favorite part, seeing as it has coffee (the lattes are fantastic!), cupcakes (of course, cupcakes are always brilliant) and ice cream (and who doesn’t like ice cream?). This wasn’t where our party was being held, however, so we travelled up the stairs and into the studio area where we were met with this:



Mara Mi party room.Mara Mi cupcakes!marami3


We had our very own School’s Out Party! The invitation is made from invitations Mara Mi designs and sells!

The cupcakes were banana split flavored, and looked absolutely scrumptious. My mom took a bagillion pictures of just the cupcake. She said it was perfect! They went well with our color theme of yellow and grey, and stood out against the ceramic plates. We had lemonade as well. We were allowed to pick our own  coffee drinks, so we went down to the café to order. I got a latte, J.Mae got a chai tea with a shot of espresso, and Meg got an cappuccino. Our drinks were absolutely delicious.

The place settings were beautiful in yellow and grey. Each setting were set with items from Mara Mi. Napkins, coasters, tablecloths, and even little favor boxes were all used to make our table special. The centerpiece in the table was giant dishes of candy. Candy!! How brilliant is that! Mara Mi has a wall full of beautiful bags of all different colored candy. It’s lovely.



These were some of the decorations and some of the candy. The candy was shaped into balls and really fun! They were used as decorating pieces, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal one or two. There were also gumballs and other chocolates! All the decorations were items that you can buy at the store (online too…if you don’t live near Stillwater)

We sat about that beautiful table in our pretty dresses and drank our yummy drinks, ate our delicious cupcakes and cake pops (did I mention they make the BEST cake pops I’ve ever had!), and did otherwise brilliant things!

After the party we shopped in the store for a little while. Here are some of our favorite products:


Some notebooks. These notebooks are designed by Mara Mi designers (we even met one!) and are sooo cute!! My mom said to tell you she bought the yellow and white one and a stack of the gold zig zag ones. There weren’t any left of the zig zag ones that day, she bought them all.


Notepads, candles, and notecards. The notecards were used to make our place cards, by the way, so smart!


Notebook. p.s This is the one my mom bought.


This bird is fantastic. It was one of my favorite designs.


More note cards. These are all designed by Mara Mi and are absolutely brilliant.


Emergency cards (for if you forget someone’s birthday, Father’s Day, etc.). I thought it was brilliant that these cards would fit all occasions.


Different types of patterned paper (don’t you love the one with whales and octupuses? [Is it octupuses or octopi?])


Can you see the gumballs? This was a sample of just some of the beautiful items at Mara Mi. These were items specifically used in decorating our table. P.S. Thank you Rachel…you were awesome!

And now for some more (some quite derpy) pictures:

Mara Mi partymarami17marami18Mara Mi party in downtown Stillwater, MNmarami28marami29

The Mara Mi Dream Team looking adorable as one must look when going to such a place as Mara Mi.


Thanks for reading! And now, because they’re lovely, cookies…which I saw frosted as I took this picture!


Mara Mi cookies


Now for the important information…how to shop for yourself!

Mara Mi is in downtown Stillwater (right at the intersection where you cross the liftbridge to go into WI). 


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