Manners matter!

In my house we do manners. We eat nicely. We close our mouths when there is food in them. Most of the time.
We don’t fart or burp… at the table.

And so, when one of my angelic children faked burped at the other. While at the supper table. Oh yeah, but it gets better. The other (that would be my smart, 13 year old. Not so smart move there Katie) showed him up.
With the real burp. Loudly.

At MY dinner table. Huh?

Sometimes I think they were replaced with alien beings. So,their punishment…

To sit on the naughty step until they could properly burp three times. Of course we had to utilize both steps of stairs. And Katie thought it was RIDICULOUS.  And hard. Levi couldn’t do it at all. He sat and sat.

Finally, Katie had 1…then 2…and 3!

Levi was still sitting with a big fat zero. Zero burps means he still does the time.

A moment of unity.
Katie donates her time and air for the sake of her less fortunate brother.Success! She was able to earn his freedom.

I must say that I was in a fit of giggles. I am not sure if this was altogether the proper way to handle this. But, I wanted them to remember. To be inconvenienced and not to forget what the punishment was for. They needed to be sure to use rudeness ONLY when they wanted to pay the consequences.
Cause in this house…Manners matter!

Do you ever use unconventional punishments?

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