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NellieBellie: lemon glazed pound cakeA while back I had posted a question on Facebook. Which brings up a question…are you following me on Facebook? you should. we have loads of fun and silly questions!

Anyways, back to the task at hand. the question.

What old-fashioned food should I make?
(or something along that lines)

And the answers kept coming! you all had suggestions, suggestions, suggestions  some of which I had never heard of or had only once or twice and forgotten. or never had…but wanted to. And I thought we should have a chat about extinct baked goods and the powers that be that decided they should be extinct.

Anyways, here are the foods we were chatting about and links to recipes.
I haven’t personally tried every one of these recipes..just to let you know.

The Tea Cake

I’ve heard of this. hasn’t everyone? I didn’t realize it was truly a cookie-type concoction and it sounds really quite good and easy. Why are these not made anymore? I think we should bring them back.

TeaCake Recipe

The Fruit Cake

Okay, maybe this one can stay heading towards extinction. It’s not very tasty, on the expensive side to make (seriously…that gummy fruit is expensive!), and stays in  my freezer far too long.

but? but? what would we use for door proppers, and gag gifts??
and Grandma, if you are reading this I’m not talking about YOUR fruit cake.
yours is wonderful! you must have the only good recipe. in the whole world.

Nope. Not giving you a recipe for this atrocious dessert…. not happening.

Butter Balls

One of my facebook likers mentioned these. huh?? I’ve never heard of them except in reference to wimpy men and turkeys. (ha…those are kind of the same )

here’s the lowdown…

They are either what we know as Russian Tea Cake’s (now isn’t that confusing). Tea Cake’s are really the same as the little powdered sugar balls.
butter and cream cheese coated and deep fried.
But, I’m assuming the fried stuff is what this facebook liker was refering to as Butter Balls and NOT the tea cake’s?? confused? me too.

Butter Balls

Congealed Salad

This was mentioned a few times on Facebook. One even added the color GREEN to the front of the title. I’m not sure that’s beneficial in making a case for this?

I didn’t look this up.
I know what it is.
I’ve had it.
and I will agree…it’s pretty good.

But…will someone come up with a better name then Congealed Salad? That just doesn’t help this dish stay out of the extinct dishes category.

let’s call it…Green Gelatin Glob salad
Jello Madness

Congealed Salad

Christmas Cake

This was brought to my attention by an “over the pond” facebook liker and I was intrigued and excited! A new addition to our American traditions?? nope. It’s simply dressed up fruitcake.

the Europeans just take their fruitcake more seriously then we do.
and make it into fun shapes.
and frost it.
and decorate it.
and then call it Christmas Cake.

There we go…that’s the way the fruitcake will stay in the running…frosting!! Why haven’t we done that yet? Frosting makes everything better! I dare you to add frosting to your next fruitcake!

Christmas Cake


This tickles my brain like I SHOULD know what it is…but don’t. But with that kind of name…why on earth don’t I?? I swear the Better then Sex cake became so huge simply because of it’s name. I mean, it’s super fun to bring that cake to a party. So, why hasn’t that worked for Divinity. di  vi  ni   ty         *sigh*

And then I looked it up and the recipes.
I see.
It’s a pain in the fat behind to make, it’s all picky. You need dry days, to use a thermometer, make sure of this, make sure of that. And it’s basically fancy meringue. golly.

But, I still think I’m on the  look out to buy some. I have to try something with that much promise in a name!



Okay, so I still make this, love it actually.Especially in the fall with warm cream.

But, I think that the ingredient molasses is going the way of the dinosaur. Show of hands…how many of you have molasses in your cupboard? Yeah, I didn’t think there would be that many of you. But you should …it’s a handy little ingredient! And gingerbread is easy peasy!


Rum soaked Spice Cake.
hello!!! yes please!!
I’ve never heard of this cake before and I feel like I’ve been missing out.

When I went looking for a recipe I kept getting a rum-soaked raisin applesauce spice cake. Is this the same thing my reader was talking of?? I’m not sure but…I’m willing to try it! If any of you know what the old-fashioned recipe is that she is talking about…

shoot it to me! I want it!!!

Rum soaked Spice Cake (applesauce and raisin)


We all know that homemade bread is the bomb!! We all know why it is going extinct. The best thing since sliced bread?


Hence the reason homemade bread is going extinct. but!! Everyone should try making homemade bread at least once! If you do it properly and make a good loaf you will feel like Super Woman! If you don’t do it properly and if fails…you will have a good laugh! Either way…do it!

Homemade Bread

Peanut Brittle

I love this stuff. I’ve never made it but I have memories of childhood when someone brought to every function. But, I have no idea who that was as a child I didn’t pay attention to that sort of thing. But, golly…when I see peanut brittle it brings back good memories!

I’m making peanut brittle, that is just the end.

Peanut Brittle

Date Pudding

I’m wondering if this is similar to the figgy pudding in the song?

date pudding

German Bee-sting Cake

A favorite in Germany. I guess it’s sugar butter and almonds turned into a sweet and yummy cake. I’ve never heard of it. But, I’m realizing that I probably should have!

German Bee-Sting Cake

And of course…

Pound Cake.

Which is what I tackled with great success! I’ve made pound cake before usually with a flavor or add in. This time…straight up pound cake. From my old red and white Better Crocker Cook Book. With lemon glaze.
lemon-glazed pound cake.

NellieBellie: lemon glazed pound cake

lemon-glazed pound cake

lemon-glazed pound cake


  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter (8 oz.), cut in 1/2-inch pieces
  • 4 ounces cold cream cheese, cut in 1-inch pieces
  • 1 2/3 cups sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 1/2 cups sifted cake flour


  1. Let eggs stand at room temperature about 30 minutes
  2. butter and flour a loaf pan.
  3. beat cold butter about 2 minutes on low speed
  4. Add cream cheese. Beat on low speed 3 minutes
  5. Beat butter and cream cheese mixture until waxy and well-blended.
  6. while beating add the sugar slowly. Add salt.
  7. continue creaming butter and cream cheese mixture for 5 minutes
  8. add eggs, one at a time, beating 20 to 30 seconds after each addition.
  9. add vanilla
  10. gradually add about the flour on low speed, mixing until just blended
  11. pour batter into pan. Shake pan(s) gently to distribute batter.
  12. drop your pan about 6 inches to get the air bubbles out. yes, it's strange. do it.
  13. place on center rack of cold oven. turn oven to 300 degrees.
  14. cook for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  15. cool.
  16. for glaze.
  17. add juice of a lemon to about 1 cup powdered sugar. stir. add lemon juice and/or powdered sugar until you get what you want. pour on the cooled pound cake. let cool.
  18. eat.

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