The lath floor: did it hold up?

how did the diy lath floor hold up? would it be a good choice for you?

Today I want to revisit an old project. This lath floor has brought so many questions and emails from all of you and I thought it was high time I responded to those. So, today is the day that the questions of life are answered!

What project?

NellieBellie: diy lath floor tutorial. create this darling floor for cheap cheap cheap!

 The lath floor…of course!

(To see the tutorial for this project go HERE)

Since putting up this post last October I have gotten a lot of questions, comments, criticism, and suggestions. All fabulous of course! I wanted to touch on as many as I could today…

1. Do the floors hold up?

Yes. This lath floor is holding up beautifully. There has been no warping or spacing. The only wear has been on the paint itself. And that is just a bit of scuffing here and there. Frankly, it adds to the charm.

2. The fluctuation in temperature of Wisconsin will cause problems.

Actually, it hasn’t. I do think that the fabulous paint that I used on the floors acted like a glue to keep everything tight against each other. But, so far we haven’t seen anything funky with shifting or warping. And we went through October -July in Wisconsin.

3. My local store says they don’t know what lath is.

They are dumb. :). In the nicest way possible. In old houses lath and plaster are the common under stuff (what’s the proper word here?) for walls. They are just thin strips of wood. I bought mine at Menards…just to add that info.

4. My lath isn’t that nice.

This is true. Lath tends to be the yucky pieces of wood that don’t have many other uses. And, although I did get lucky and get a batch of lath that was fabulously straight and true, I did have to sort through many pieces to find good ones. Be prepared for that. And, if you want your floors perfect…this is NOT the DIY choice for you. This is brilliant for a cottage, imperfect look. Not to get a cheap version of a beautiful hardwood floor.

5. Can I just seal and stain or do I have to paint?

I don’t know. Truthfully, I am not sure if the reason ours held up so well is because of the ridiculously fabulous paint I used on top or simply because the floor was solid. I am sold on using the paint if you can. In black, or white, or aqua (like mine). There are a lot of color choices that can get you the look you want. Again, if you want hardwood floors…this is probably not the right choice in the first place.

6. How did you do the edges?

If you read the tutorial you’ll see that some of the edges didn’t meet the wall perfectly. I used a wooden skewer to fill that gap. Dumb, strange…but it worked. In some places I just used patch compound. And, to be honest that bright color distracts you anyways. It’s almost like I planned it :).

7. Would you do it again?

No. Not because I don’t love this floor. I do. Because I would never DIY a floor again. Gah…too much work! But…If I felt the need to DIY a floor again, I would totally do this again! Absolutely, 100%. Without question. In bright pink, of course.

8. Did you sand the lath??

I didn’t sand the lath. The lathe I was lucky enough to find didn’t require much sanding and that paint was very thick and wonderful and covered any places that may have needed a bit of help.

But…if you aren’t so lucky I would recommend sanding after you have your lath floor installed. It shouldn’t be too bad…lath is pretty good. But, you wouldn’t want splinters in feet. Ouch!

9. What was the paint you used?

I thought you would never ask! The paint was Exterior Porch and Floor paint from Dutch Boy. It was a great choice.


Go visit the tutorial and see what you think! See the lath floor that caused all the fuss. And, tell me…do you love it or hate it?

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  1. Logan says:

    We have had lathe flooring in our house for over a year now! It has held up great! Every loves it!! It’s different. We did our living room, dining, hallways, and bedrooms in this and put polyurethane on top. (8 coats). Would do it all over again any day.

  2. Eric White says:

    I love the flooring. We are trying it in our home. I was wondering if you could tell me what type of nails you used with the nail gun. I read in the comments that some people used a stapler gun, and some used a nail gun. If you could help me out in this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks so much for this helpful info!! I just love what you have done! Could you PLEASE tell us what was the specific color you used from Dutch Boy??? So anxious to know!

  4. Bliss says:

    Wood floors have their own set of hazards…. I’ve landed on my azzz more than once coming around a corner to answer the phone. After a couple hard falls, a splinter sounds nice.

    1. :). I don’t know, a splinter in the azzz sounds pretty rough.

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