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Keep Calm & Carry On apron by Nellie Bellie. A tutorial.

This Keep Calm and Cook On apron is just plain fun.
And a simple DIY.
It would make a great gift for the cook in your family!

This cute apron is for Katie.
My baker.
She already knows she’s getting it.
It’s all good.

The tutorial for this cute apron:


You need a red apron.
You can use a different color if you like.
But, traditionally the Keep Calm stuff is red.
So, I used red.



You’ll need:
Fabric Paint,
a squeegee (not necessary, but helps get a nice clean look).



Set up your stencils.
I tape mine to be sure they don’t wiggle while I am working.
And…I did 2 letters, waited, and then did the others in that word.
I could have cut the stencils but…I didn’t want to.
No reason.


Run some paint along the edge of your stencil.


Squeegee the paint across the stencil.
Keep it nice and smooth.

Repeat the process until you have all your letters done.
Let dry.

I went back and outlined the letters with black puffy paint.
To finish it nicely.

The end.
(p.s. I created the silverware from my cricut machine. not everyone has one or can get one. Which is why it wasn’t included in the tutorial. And, it’s not needed to still have a cool apron!

Keep Calm & Carry On apron by Nellie Bellie. A tutorial.

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