How to make jelly toast coasters.

This is one of our favorite past projects. It is fun, easy to make, and just plain ridiculous! So, we’ve brought it back for today’s Blast from the Past!

We are practical. We are quirky. And I love when the two come together in a craft! Like in these jelly toast coasters!! I saw something similar on the Urban Outfitters website and realized it was an easy DIY! We created it..and then added our own flair!

Like this…

jelly toast coasters. tutorial. by

Woot woot! Aren’t these Jelly Toast Coasters just too fun!
Simple, inexpensive, and easy! Here’s the how-to…
You are going to use a square of cork. (You know, the kind that come in packs of 4)
Print out the piece of bread coloring page at found here.

Then cut it out…
This is your template. Unless you are a great free-form bread drawer. Then go for it!!

Trace around that template in each of the 4 corners.

Use a craft knife to cut those pieces of bread out.

You should get something like this…

Go find some nailpolish in a jelly color. I chose red for strawberry.
This was mine.
You will need quite a bit so be sure it is cheap, and a full bottle!
Update: This was early in our blogging days.
Now, we recommend craft paint for this step! 

Cover your “bread” in “jelly”.
Like this…
Let it dry thoroughly before the next step!

Taking a lighter or flame of some sort pass the very edge of the “bread” through the flame.
This will give it a charred look to the edge, making it more authentic.

There you go…your finished Jelly Toast Coasters.
That wasn’t too painful, was it!!
 jelly toast coasters. tutorial. by
Cool…isn’t it! Aren’t those Jelly Toast Coasters so much easier than you would expect!

Do you need coasters? Here are a couple other ideas from NellieBellie…

make t-shirt coasters. Easy to make and a great recycled project!

How to Age Terra Cotta



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