Simple steps to make a perfect stovetop latte

How to make a perfect latte at home!

I admit to joining the ranks of coffee lovers. And the ranks I join are vast and unmoving. We rule the world. Coffee lovers unite! But, even better then coffee…dare I say it?       Latte         Just the word is beautiful. Well, I live about 15 miles from the nearest coffee shop. But my love for lattes can’t wait 15 miles. Or 5, sometimes. Never fear…I have learned how to make a perfect latte with a stovetop espresso maker. Not even joking. It’s delightful. sigh.

Do you know what a stovetop espresso maker is? They are easy to find at any Target or Walmart or HERE. Mine looks like this…


Isn’t she a beaut! Let me walk you through the basic way of making a perfect latte. It really is sooo much simpler then you think!


To make 2 nice big mugs of latte:

Step 1.

Fill the bottom with cold water about to the little valve.

Step 2.

I use about 3-4 tablespoons of espresso (this is the kind I use) and then press it down with the back of a spoon. This is what mine looks like full and ready to go.

Step 3.

Screw the top on to the bottom and put it on med-high heat.
Here’s the important part… when the pot starts to percolate TAKE IT OFF THE HEAT!


Step 4.

Heat milk. I use 1.5 to 2 cups of milk. I recommend using something good and creamy. This is not the time to get all calorie-worried. Save that for when you learn to make perfect oatmeal. Heat the milk to just under 150degrees. I use a candy thermometer to make sure I watch it. Also, keeping the heat at medium guarantees it won’t burn. AND allows  me to work on the espresso part while the milk heats.


Step 5.

Froth the heated milk. I use a little frother made for this. You could whisk it for a really, really long time too.


Step 6.

Putting it together. You want about 1 part espresso to 2 parts milk and foam. Pour in the espresso. Then use a spatula to hold back the foam and pour half of the milk. The add foam. (for the PERFECTEST PERFECT latte put 1 tsp vanilla, and 3 tsp sugar into your mug before the espresso)

Now you can thank me for saving the world. Cause knowing how to make this should get me a Nobel Peace Prize. A Nobel Peace Prize for latte making. Now, why don’t you sit down to a fabulous breakfast of Skillet Eggs w/chorizo and a Perfect Latte? The world will seem alright for a bit!

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