i have a proposition. a Christmas one.

i’ve been working on projects for decorating around the house.
most of the projects you won’t see here.
popcorn strings, paper streamers.
even toilet paper as banners.

later this week you will see a few projects I thought might be worthy of being introduced to you.
and you need to behave as if they are the best projects ever.
okay, not really.
I’ll still love you.
probably cause I don’t know you.
if I met you…would I still like you??
shush, you probably shouldn’t answer that.

christmas decorations

where am I going with this??
oh yes…decorating for christmas.

i have a proposition.

i propose…a no purchased, no fancy, no magazine worthy Christmas house.
well, at least in my house.
you should join in.

see. let me explain.
I was starting to get out my decorations and look at what I had.
I realized I would need to buy some new ornaments and various other trinkets to update my décor.
I started my list.
and then I realized the cost.
oh. my. goodness.

I don’t know if I really ever sit and think about how much I spend on Christmas.
it’s Christmas.
it’s what you do.
and secret…as a blogger, décor is something I do a lot of. especially around the holidays.

then I realized something.
my family doesn’t like hearing “be careful with that
no, that goes over there
that doesn’t match. it needs to be moved

are you kidding??

how can Christmas be a family thing if my family can’t even decorate as they choose?

so. my house is going to be different this year.
it’s going to smell like popcorn and peppermint.
it’s going to be bright and colorful (that’s not different).
there will be lots of various kinds of paper.
lot’s of recycled projects.
I dare say we will see glitter and ModPodge.
and it will be AWESOME!!!

so join me.
let’s try for the Charlie Brown style and have a happy home.

some ideas that I am using this year and yes, they are obvious.
these decorations have gotten a bad rap for being…dorky?
but, not in my house. no siree.
only the coolest of the cool decorate like this!!

1. popcorn strings.
2. candy canes.
3. paper streamers.
4. socks as stockings.
5. popcorn wreaths. (tutorial to come)
6. cut pine branches.
7. twigs. maybe with ornaments.
8. pinecone christmas trees. (tutorial to come)
9. paper snowflakes.
10. popsicle stick stars.
11. macaroni anything. really, it’s endless.
12. fruit loop and cheerio garland.
13. cookie ornaments.
14. gingerbread house.
15. coffee filter angel.

maybe you can’t do your entire house.
maybe you have lots of decorations already to be used.
that’s great!
perhaps if you have kids you could give them their own tree??
oh the smiles and giggles!!
and the memories they would gain.


  1. Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker says

    Great Idea Janel! I actually am going to do two trees this year-so I can have the “pretty” one I imagine but we can have the sentimental, colorful, fun family one too!

  2. Kelly @ View Along the Way says

    LOVE IT! My house will totally be Charlie Brown Christmas, but not because I’m trying for that look. :)

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