Charlie Brown, Rainbow Brite, Minnie Mouse and a turkey shoot.

Have you ever thought about this new crazy fad of Chevron??
And where did it originate?
Do you want to know  my theory? It’s revolutionary!


Yep, there it is.
The first of the Chevron craze.
Charlie Brown was a style setter.
Who knew??

Wait…I’m not done.
This whole new craze of neons is everywhere!
Neon pink, neon blue, even neon purple!
Can I just say I didn’t know purple could be neon until this new fad.

But, I believe neon can be traced back to this style icon…



Have you seen the polka dot craze??
Well, you must have. You can’t miss it.
Think some brilliant designer brought that in to fashion??

images (1)


Well, this is all  you will see on my blog that stays “on trend” with these current fads…





Stuff a glove with paper towel (in the fingers) and an empty tape roll.

My chevron and neon glove turkey wanted his very own turkey shoot.
So, we took him outside and shot him from every which way.
Here are the results of our turkey shoot…

NellieBellie: glove turkey craft tutorial.

He got a bit creative with his posing during our turkey shoot.
This turkey wants to be a super model!!
Poor thing doesn’t know he isn’t going to cut it in the cut-throat world of photo-shoots.
He’ll get eaten alive.

I’m moving on from the current trends.
You can find me amongst the flamingos, hedgehogs, and…boa constrictors???
and I say yes to Houndstooth, Paisley, and…large floral??
I predict the color of the year to be… well, shoot….all colors are in right now, aren’t they!
Well then, I pick…puke green.

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  1. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    haha! This post is just awesome! I love that Turkey.he has some style- and crazy game- dang dude! Great post Janel!

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