Quick & Easy google eye portrait

google-eye portrait

This quick craft is great for Halloween. All you need is a thrift store portrait, black paint, and googley eyes and you have a fun and creepy Halloween decoration.
This Google Eye Portrait is about 10 minutes start to finish and is the perfect decoration for Halloween.

I started with this little painting I got for $1 from the thrift store.


I used black paint from Plaid…


And painted the frame…


And smeared the paint into the background, dress, bonnet, and hair.
There…now it doesn’t look so sweet and innocent.


Let it dry and add…Googley Eyes!! (googley eyes are the coolest!)

Eeek…already creepy!
And 10 minutes later you have…

google-eye portrait

Maybe you don’t like creepy??
Remember that adding googley eyes to a picture of a cartoon, animal, or person
can simply be silly and makes for some fun art for kids and teens!

This google eye portrait was part of my Creepy Halloween Mantel. Be sure to check that out!



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    This is hilarious! You are so creative Janel! I love it. Now I need to keep an eye out for pictures at my local thrift store or maybe even The Graphics Fairy has one I could modify to make my own googly-eyed picture for my kids.

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