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These are the Tags of My Life. I could come up with fabulous and crazy amazing gift tags and pass them off as something I do ALL THE TIME. Or ever. But, let’s face it, who has time to spend hours creating awesome tags? I barely get the gifts wrapped, never mind look pretty. Geesh…some people are over-achievers! (I like getting gifts from over-achievers, though!)

So, instead I thought I would just keep it realz (shout out to Jilly!) and show you what is really being used on my packages this year. Nothing is time intensive, everything is easy. That’s the way we roll!


One.    felt tags (the felt trees are from Michaels…you can find stuff like it at Walmart and others) and washi tape.

Two.    ornament tag (made from a cardstock circle brushed with glue and then stuck with sequins) and twine.

Three.    rubberbands, notepaper, paperclip, and gold star tree tag (yep…Christmas trees made from gold stars…so fun!)

Four.    stocking (cheezy, but they love it. And you can get a pack of 4 or something for $1)

Five.    mini ornament and ribbon (I buy these after Christmas for dirt cheap, just write the name on with a Sharpie)


I’m bothering to share this because I was so surprised when many of my readers told me they like to take their time with gift wrapping…to make things pretty. For some reason I had this idea that anyone reading my blog are the “throw the gift in the bag and done” kind of people. I don’t know why I thought that. I apologize.

On that note…in the comments below leave a link to your tag ideas (if you have a blog) or tell me about what YOU do that makes your gifts special. I like to copy. Don’t worry, they say that copying someone is the greatest form of flattery. So…I want to flatter you!

Till Next time…you guys keep it realz…  


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