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How to make a toilet paper gift card holder

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NellieBellie: make a reindeer gift card holder from a paper towel or tp roll!

I had good intentions this year of making and creating Christmas gifts! And, I did make many. I slaved and slaved for hours, burnt almost every finger at least once on the hot glue gun. And…smeared paint, glue, or stain on one or two decent pairs of jeans. All, for a homemade Christmas gift for each and every gift.

Alas, I’ve lost. I’ll end the year turning towards the dreaded gift card.

Gift card.


Get over it. Yep, I said it. I’m over it already. It didn’t take long. And, if you are one that is on the receiving end of a gift card from me and not a lovingly created homemade gift…be thankful! Really! It means that rather then make you something you will hate and have to pretend to like all the while figuring out how to get rid of it…you’ll get something you can really like! Because, let’s face it…gift cards are always useful!

Unless, well…if you get me a gift card to Automart I might not like you anymore. Nate would, he would be your friend. But me…yeah, not so much.
And if you get Nate a gift card to Pier 1 he might sneer at you. (no worries, I’ll quietly whisper in his ear that a happy wife is a happy husband….he’ll get over it!)
And the kids…DON’T get them gas cards. They don’t find humor in that.

But, here are my recommendations.

For women:

Coffee. anywhere. anyhow. always welcome.
Book store. love. heart. swoon.
Itunes. Adam Levine. Michael Buble. yup. it’s a good one.
Restaurant. Only if it’s a good one. I love, love not cooking! Love!
Florist. I want an excuse to buy fresh flowers just because.
Chocolate. Any kind. in large amounts. love!
Target. They have all of the above. it’s a win win!

For kids:

Toys R Us. What kid wouldn’t like to pick out whatever they like?
Wii Points. If they have a Wii they will love this…yes maam!
Walmart/Target. Again…an entire store to choose WHATEVER!!!
Movie tickets. They can make their parents take them!! They’ll love it!
Admission tickets. For a cool attraction. Pick one most parents don’t like to go to and the kids will love you more!
Candy store. Oh boy. Only if you are willing to take the wrath of parents! It might be worth it!

For him:

Sports Store: hello? yes please!
Hunting Store: to please the redneck in them! Camo upon camo upon camo!
Auto Store: for the mechanic type. It’s like a candy store…only more expensive!
Victoria’s Secret: you know its for him. Let’s be honest.
Steak company: food…quickest way to a man’s heart. Well, after Victoria’s Secret.
The Sharper Image: Electronics are a man-pleaser!

And if you are going to do a gift card (like me) then might I suggest a holder made from paper towel rolls?
Then, it’s even more a winner, winner…chicken dinner!

NellieBellie: make a reindeer gift card holder from a paper towel or tp roll!

To make a gift card holder from paper towel roll:

1. cut roll to size
2. glue paper to the roll.
3. cut ends in a round edge
4. glue one side closed.
5 . insert card.
6. punch hole in top, insert ribbon, and close.

To make one from just scrap paper:

1. form a roll shape from paper. glue.
2. press roll down flat.
3. glue 1 end shut.
4. insert card.
5. punch hole in top, insert ribbon, and close.

NellieBellie: make a reindeer gift card holder from a paper towel or tp roll!

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