fringe necklace.

We love the idea of finding new and interesting ways to use up old materials.  We live in small spaces, so we just can’t hang on to everything hoping it will one day be useful.  So we ask ourselves: “how can we use this now?”  That’s where this necklace came from.   That’s also how we got the gold shell cake plate, our giraffe bookends, our bottle centerpiece, and the puzzle magnets.

No jokes about the picture please…my daughter took these and did a darn good job!

Anyways, here’s how this craft goes…

You’ll need some fabric.  Make sure you pick something with great color. Or at least not a color you hate.   And something unique and special.  Or at least interesting.  Though, why you would have fabric in colors and patterns you hate is beyond us.  But we thought we should clarify.  If you don’t like the fabric, you won’t like how this necklace turns out.  Because it is the whole necklace.  

I chose to use fabric as the “chain”.  I simply folded over a strip and sewed it down the middle.  You could use ribbon or cord or many other things.  Now that I don’t have a sewing machine in my apartment, I’d probably use ribbon.  Or fabric glue.  That’s good, too.

Cut your fabric  to your desired number of strips.  Cut them in varying lengths…but don’t worry too much
because you will end up adjusting them later.  Be sure to cut them longer then you actually want by a couple of inches.

Tie those pieces onto the center of your band.  As you tie them, be sure they are going to lay right.  Don’t worry too much, though, because we are going to fix it up so they lay nice and flat.

After you get them all tied on, cut the top of the ties (at the top of the necklace) down nice and short.  Run a bead of hot glue on the top to be sure it doesn’t open on you.

Cut a piece of fabric as a “backing”.  This piece you will hot glue to the back of your necklace.  It will be how you keep the pieces on straight and running the way you want.  It will also help you not get scratchy from the hot glue.


Wear this with jeans and a simple top…and rock it!  Please don’t try rocking this with a suit or formal dress, though.  It won’t be good.  Just trust us.  Fabric strips are good for the casual, hipster, boho look.  Not formal and classy.  Nope.

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    Great idea for a necklace! Such an easy way to add a pop of color too any outfit. And your daughter did a wonderful job taking your photo, it looks professional!

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