Printable Thank-you Cards

Raise your hand if your Christmas tree is in your living room amongst clean laundry that needs folding. Or, if you still have twinkle lights getting pushed about on your counter. Or…if your Christmas plaque still bangs the door everytime you open it. We have all of the above AND we are just now getting around to thank-you’s. I surely hope you are a family of thank-you cards. It truly is a lost art. free printable thank you cards

I do not buy cards anymore. It is so easy to create cute ones, print them, fold them, and pop them into standard card envelopes. And the best part is I can just store the images on my computer.

(right-click on the image, save to your computer and print from there)

(I recommend that you rotate these images until they are upside down, print at 4×6 size, and print on cardstock)

thank you1

thank you card3

thank you card2

We are going to get caught up on our thank-you’s this week, put the Christmas decor away, and then sit and chill with friends and family this weekend. What does your week entail? Are you getting back into the groove after the holidays?

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  1. says

    I love these! My kiddos were so excited to get to write FUN thank you cards finally! This is going to sound like I’m being a jerk, but I thought I’d point out to you that the second ‘bees’ in the Bee’s Knees card should not have an apostrophe. :) Sorry! I’m super anal about stuff like that! Thanks for sharing!

    • postitmaster says

      Right, you are! This is the Bellie responding; I notice those sorts of things. Nellie doesn’t as much. She needs me. Let’s remind her of that as often as possible (can you say “job security”?).

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