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felt bows: an easy tutorial by NellieBellie

We realize that you may not understand the value that felt bow ties can have in your life. So, let us give you a little education. Bow-ties are fancy. They are classy. They immediately make you look smart. They make people smile, and be joyful. Bow-ties are just special.

Bow ties are cool.  Dr. Who Fans understand why.

Therefore, having the ability to make felt bow ties is a useful quality. Make some up for your guests at your next dinner party. Or, for your child’s next party. Wear them for your next holiday gathering. And, gosh darn…the smiles will increase, the happiness level will rise, and you will be ever so grateful for your new skill!

felt bow tutorial: by NellieBellie

You need a piece of felt for the bow, a smaller piece (actually the one shown was a bit too large) for the center.
Squish the large piece in the center and wrap with the small piece. Glue in place. Elmer’s glue works, hot glue works better.

The end.

Just kidding.  Because that would just make a bow.  And it would be pointless.  You can glue a clothespin to the bow, and that’s cute.  You could also glue another strip of fabric to go around someone’s neck, that’s cute too.

Okay, now the end.

These felt bow ties are adorable on everything. Gift wrapping, barrettes, bow ties (like mine), headbands…you name it!

And yes, this works with any fabric…not just felt!  We used felt because that’s just awesome.  Who doesn’t want a felt bow tie?  

There you have it…a way to conquer your world! Well, okay, maybe that’s asking for a lot. But hey…it’s the little things that matter! And these little bow ties surely will make someone happy!

How would you use felt bow ties at your house?

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