Farmers Market Recipes

Summer has finally arrived here in Minnesota. Truthfully, it was a little worrisome for a bit. Winter lasted for-ev-er! But, it looks like we finally made it to the blue skies, hot sun, and an excuse to bring out the farmers market recipes! Thank goodness!

Saturday morning is the Stillwater Farmer’s Market and part of our weekly schedule. We walk down the historic streets through our gorgeous town and start our day with a roll from the local bread shop and a coffee from our local roaster. And proceed to fill our bags with bright, colorful goodies.

It is truly one of the best parts of our week. There is something so lovely and inspiring about the tables and tables of fresh veggies, fruits, and flowers. The people are smiling, the dogs are friendly, and we can’t think of a better way to start our weekend!

Today we have gathered some of our favorite recipes inspired by our Farmers Market finds. Hopefully you have the same experience at your farmer’s market each week! And, if you live in our area…we hope to see you this Saturday! We’ll be the ones shoving our faces full of Bread Art pastries and River Moon coffee!

Healthy cauliflower potato salad

These delicious strawberry shortcake scones are super simple! from #scones #strawberry

Watermelon red onion salad from

Delicious individual pot pies from

Galettes, the awesome cheater way to make pie, from

Simple and easy recipe for stuffed tomatoes from nelliebellie.comHomemade spinach pesto from

Tomato tart from

mini pavlovas are so easy to make with pre-packaged meringue cookies!


Roasted buffalo cauliflower recipe from


This mashed cauliflower is so delicious! It won't trick your kids into believing they're potatoes, but still good. Really good! from #mashedpoatoes #healthy 

berry monkey bread, from

 Didn’t find any farmers market recipes that caught your eye?  Well, this is where we normally offer a few more options and ideas for you to consider.  To find something you will like.  But honestly…if you didn’t see something in this list, we can’t help you.  ‘Cause you’re crazy!!!  These recipes are awesome!

  1. Bliss says:

    Are you sure summer has arrived? Did you see this weeks forecast? This week’s project for me is “build ark”.

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I am going to try my first ever cauliflower dish tomorrow and I am so excited.

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