Simple steps to make duct tape Christmas Placemats

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These duct tape placemats are simple to make and a ton of fun for Christmas time!

These are Christmas placemats made out of the new holiday prints Duck Tape has rolled out.  Why are Duct Tape placemats a good idea?  Well, because no one else is going to have them.  Because they are adorable.  And…wipe on, wipe off!!  That’s right…these placemats or so much easier to clean the most!

Materials needed:

Duck Tape

yes. that is all.


 Numero Uno.

I marked off the length I wanted to keep the duct tape strips. I did tear them a bit longer just to be sure.


 Numero Dos.

You need to build your “fabric”. If you have never made duct tape “fabric” check out this post that shows you. It’s easy. Simply flip over your duct tape sticky side up. Lay your next strip sticky side down on HALF. The next on the other half. Repeat again and again. Check out the post if you don’t understand.

Tip…when working with patterns make sure you have them line up!




 Numero Tres.

Now it’s time to make your ruffle. Rip your strip about twice as long as your duct tape placemat.


 Numero Cuatro.

To make the ruffle you want to purposely pinch the duct tape in pleats as you go. This will create ruffles.


 Numero Cinco.

Do the same thing on the other side. And then press the two sides together. Fold over any edges that are exposed.



 Numero Seis.

Okay, I forgot to take pictures from here on out. Mostly because it was simple and I didn’t think you needed it.

Run a strip of duct tape along the edge of your ruffle if you like. I did. It covered my wonky edged ruffle.

To make the Christmas Tree…

use varying strips of duct tape to create the tree shape.
a square on the top for the star.
then take your Sharpie and outline the whole thing, add a star, and trunk.
then write your words (mine were be merry) alongside the trunk.

Now your world is complete because you have duct tape placemats for Christmas.
You rock!!

These duct tape placemats are simple to make and a ton of fun for Christmas time!

These duct tape placemats are simple to make and a ton of fun for Christmas time!


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