Simple steps to make a Domino Bracelet!

domino bracelet

This is a Domino bracelet.
You aren’t mistaken.
It really is that cool.
Why ? You ask.
First…as is the custom here at NellieBellie…everything goes!
Second…there is this cool little party going on that I wanted to join.
It’s a party with random items for crafting.
This month’s random item is game pieces.
Third…who else do you know has a domino bracelet?

Of course you will want one too!
So, let me show you how easy this domino bracelet is to make….

This craft qualifies for our Give Me a Minute? Series.
It takes about 10 minutes.
But, the paint drying adds some time.
So…let’s go with 30 minutes??
Sound fair?

give me a minute

Click on the picture to be whisked away to more quick crafts!


Step 1.

Decide how many dominos you need to fit your wrist.
I show 7 here. I actually used 6.
Paint your dominos the desired colors.
Color blocking is all the rage this season.
So…I’m going to be trendy, trendy!!

Line the dominos up.


Step 2.

Flip them over.
Yes, that took up an entire step.


Step 3.

Hot glue a strip of ribbon across the backs of the dominos.
Make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around your wrist.


The end.
You are done.
Hopefully, you have done a better job of painting.
And hopefully, you have now made something like this…



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-His and Hers-


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