Simple steps to making a mini notebook

DIY Mini Notebook

Good Morning fabulous readers! Well, I’m going back to bed after I write this for you. I just got back from  “vacation” and need to recoup. Ha…isn’t that funny how we need to rest from our “vacation”. I bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! But first, a quick tutorial for this DIY mini notebook…

DIY mini notebooks are quick and easy to make. A great stocking stuffer!

Okay, this craft is about 10 minutes. But…I don’t count the glue drying time. Because, TECHNICALLY you could use a hair dryer. Ha!

DIY mini notebook supplies:

  • White glue.
  • Post it pad.
  • Binder clip.
  • Greeting card.


Step 1.

Cut your greeting card to the size of the post it. (I used a past Valentines Day card from my kids and made sure to keep the little bear in.)
So cute!



Step 2.

Line up your Post it Pad and your card nice and straight. Use the binder to hold it while you glue and be sure that you DON’T put the binder on the side for the glue. Yes, I know this from experience .


Step 3.

Dip your “binding” edge in a pile of glue. Be sure to cover it well. Go up the sides a bit as well to make it extra great!


Step 4.

Apply Washi Tape or fabric on the glue. Wrap around to the sides. (I used Washi Tape because it was easy easy!!) Let dry…0r get out the hairdryer. Or a kid to blow.


 There you go. Your own mini DIY Notebooks! Especially if you throw in a couple Anthro Firework pencils!

These DIY mini notebooks would make great little gifts for kids and teens! Hey…I would like one too!




    • miznelliebellie says

      I’m terrible about throwing those things away…they are so cute! and some of those cost a small fortune! I needed a way to get one more use out of them.

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