DIY Journal (I’m a copycatty girl)


I’m taking a break from bathroom posts for a bit to do a little back to school stuff.
That’s what is going on in my home and so…
that’s what’s going on here at NellieBellie. We kind of go together that way.

Notebooks are needed for school. Lots of them. And my 14 year old girlie likes the fancy ones.
Yep…nope. Not paying. Sorry, I passed the mean mother class with flying colors. Want to see my medal?

So…we do a bit of “prettying” all by ourselves.

This was up on one of my favorite blogs…



So, we copycatted.

copycat challenge

Nope. Not telling you how. Not that it’s hard or anything. But still.
Desiree did that. You need to go to her blog to see the how-to’s.
And please oh please go pin hers from her blog, not mine…I don’t want the credit!

And of course hers looks better…doh! She’s a genius.
And her photography skills are epic.

But still, do yourself a favor and glue some pretty paper to a cheap notebook rather then shelling out money for a fancy notebook. Better yet…let your kids do their own!!
Yep, I had my Wheaties this morning!


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