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Wooden coat hooks dipped in paint, an easy DIY that is inexpensive and uses minimal tools!  #diy #coathook


I’m working on my mud room this month and needed wall hooks. I wanted something clever and cool, fun and quirky, and cheap. Not easy to find. So, I DIY’ed my own. These wooden paint-dipped hooks fit that bill quite nicely. and cost me next to nothing. Score!

Wooden coat hooks dipped in paint, an easy DIY that is inexpensive and uses minimal tools!  #diy #coathook


These wooden paint-dipped hooks are simple and quite easy. I bought a thick wooden dowel for a few dollars at my local hardware store and cut it into multiple pieces. If you don’t have a saw at your disposal you could use wooden blocks like you would find for children. That would be a  fun alternative and eliminate the need for a saw. It would add a bit of cost probably, but still be well worth the trouble!

Dip the blocks into the paint, let drip just a bit, and then roll carefully on a towel to remove excess. You may only need 1 coat, but for a few colors I did need 2.

Be sure that when you drill the holes into the blocks you don’t make them too big…you need those screws to grip. I used a pliers to turn the screws into the wood because they can be a bit difficult to turn. Using the pliers is easy peasy.

Using those tips, these DIY wooden coat hooks are very straightforward and simple.

DIY wooden paint-dipped coat hooks. From a dowel. tutorial by NellieBellie

Aren’t those hooks looking cool and clever in my mud room?

This mudroom also has a DIY pipe bench that you’ll love, and I’ve got a great tutorial for an octopus coat hanger if these aren’t quite your style.

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